This page is a collection of links for Wayfinder game content and resources hosted on other websites.


Website & social media[edit]

Store pages[edit]


Name Notes
Wayfinder Database Wayfinder database contains information about all items, loot tables, characters, abilities, and quests in the game
Stats Calculator This is a tool for calculating stats and builds
Echo Sheet by KepKep Echo database
Echo Database by Lukium Echo database
Echo Database by Static Echo database
Accessory Sheet by Xandis Accessory database
Gloom News News and guides website
The Gloom Builds and guides website


Name Language Type
Official Discord server English Chat
Wiki Discord server English Chat
Wayfinder subreddit English Forum
巴哈姆特電玩資訊站 - Bahamut 中文(台湾繁体) - Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) Forum
디시인사이드 - DC Inside 한국어 - Korean Forum


Wayfinder: Volume 1 (Original Soundtrack):
Wayfinder videos on Youtube
Wayfinder livestream and videos on Twitch
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