Resources are various materials used to summon Wayfinders, forge Weapons and Accessories, and craft Consumables. Most resources can be found by defeating enemies, clearing Lost Zones, and completing boss hunts.



Spectra are mineral resources found across Evenor and within Lost Zones. Rocky outcrops containing Spectra can broken to obtain varying amounts of Spectra, with the type and quality depending on the locale. In Lost Zones, Spectra is affected by the area, as well as the number and type of active Imbuements.

Type Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3


Glimmering Shadow-Warped

Pristine Shadow-Warped

Glimmering Veridian

Glimmering Molten

Glimmering Unstable
The Deep
Reaver Woods

Imbuement Spectra[edit]

When using imbuements, the number of active imbuements determines the quality of the imbued Spectra:


These can be obtained throughout Wayfinder.


These materials can be obtained through various events throughout Lost Zones.


These materials can be obtained by defeating certain bosses.


Components are parts needed to summon Wayfinders and forge weapons.


Wayfinders can be summoned by combining their Calling along with three of their Memories to Omen. Memories must be crafted with Vestiges, which can be obtained from certain bosses.

Wayfinder Components Source
Kyros Calling Gold 10000
Secrets Vestige Storm Twins
Sight Vestige The Beastmaster
Sorcery Vestige Dread Legion
Niss Calling Gold 10000
Will Vestige Broodmother S'ilreth
Shadow Vestige Commander Creed
Steel Vestige Night's Maw
Senja Calling Gold 10000
Might Vestige The Beastmaster
Glory Vestige Wormwood
Storm Vestige Dread Legion
Silo Calling Gold 10000
Cunning Vestige The Trial of the Lingering Light
Speed Vestige The Argent Hand
Precision Vestige Ryv'n
Venomess Calling Gold 10000
Guile Vestige The First
Venom Vestige Maras, the Grand Deceiver
Duty Vestige Storm Twins
Wingrave Calling Gold 10000
Courage Vestige The Bloodspawn
Prowess Vestige The Argent Hand
Faith Vestige The First


Weapons can be created by forging the Shell, Form, and Spirit of the weapon at Arsenal, then combining it with the Essence. The Essence of a weapon can be obtained from certain bosses.

Weapon Components Essence Source
Bastion ShellFormSpiritEssence The Beastmaster
Grim Harvest ShellFormSpiritEssence Storm Twins
Legacy ShellFormSpiritEssence The Reaver King
Tooth and Claw ShellFormSpiritEssence The Argent Hand
Radiant Dawn ShellFormSpiritEssence Commander Creed
Colossus ShellFormSpiritEssence The Beastmaster
Titan's Bane ShellFormSpiritEssence Talon of Pyre
Windmother's Fang ShellFormSpiritEssence The Argent Hand
Eclipse ShellFormSpiritEssence The Reaver King
Juggernaut ShellFormSpiritEssence Bloodbore
Epitaph ShellFormSpiritEssence Dread Legion
Bloodsong ShellFormSpiritEssence Ryv'n
Umbros ShellFormSpiritEssence Maras, the Grand Deceiver
Venom ShellFormSpiritEssence Night's Maw
Harvest Moon ShellFormSpiritEssence The First
Night's Edge ShellFormSpiritEssence Ryv'n
Rose & Thorn ShellFormSpiritEssence Wormwood
Longshot ShellFormSpiritEssence Maras, the Grand Deceiver
Nightshade ShellFormSpiritEssence Wormwood
Voidbinder ShellFormSpiritEssence Dread Legion
Hellswarm ShellFormSpiritEssence Talon of Pyre
Tempest ShellFormSpiritEssence The Trial of the Lingering Light
Arcstorm ShellFormSpiritEssence The First


Main article: Gloomstones

Gloomstones are resources used to enhance Affinity and temper weapons. Gloomstones are mainly obtained through exploring Lost Zones.

Key Items[edit]


  • Archon Commander Gloomtrace
  • Beastmaster Gloomtrace
  • Bloodspawn Gloomtrace
  • Dread Legion Gloomtrace
  • Grand Deceiver Gloomtrace
  • Harrow Gloomtrace
  • Lingering Light Gloomtrace
  • Rvy'n Gloomtrace
  • Storm Twins Gloomtrace
  • The Argent Hand Gloomtrace
  • The First Gloomtrace


  • Crown of Decay
  • Data Fragment: Broodspawn
  • Data Fragment: Ichor
  • Data Fragment: Tutlesaur
  • Data Fragment: Goblin
  • Data Fragment: Warbear
  • Encoded Tracer
  • Trickster Key
  • Wurm Bait

Quest Items[edit]

  • Ancient Thread
  • Augmented Imbuement Matrix
  • Deepwood Balefire
  • Dread Legion's Essence
  • Imbuement Matrix
  • Kestrel's Pack
  • Legion's Thread
  • Lightborne Right
  • Memory of the First
  • Mysterious Assailant's Tracer
  • Recovered Crossroads Foundry Supplies
  • Thread of Memory
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