Solar Imbuement

Solar Imbuement
Solar Imbuement
Category Resources
Type Crafting
Imbued with Solar Energy
— In-Game Description

Solar Imbuements are one of the Imbuements used to mutate Lost Zones. Solar-imbued zones may include a Heatwave effect where enemies temporarily become more powerful. In addition, enemies may inflict a 9-second Solar Ignition burn on attacks.

Unique rewards from Lost Zones with an active Solar Imbuement include:

Mutator Combinations[edit]

Imbuements Mutation Effect

Under sweltering heat, enemy attacks cause you to burn. Beware the heatwave that comes and goes, it will strengthen your foes.
Black Flame
Gloomtouched enemies now burst into flames when they Enrage and explode, and will leave you burning after every hit.
Toxic vents periodically erupt from the ground, damaging nearby players.
Solar Flare
When the Heatwave comes, enemies are consumed by flame and the solar flares activate in a fiery swathe across the zone.
The chaotic trickster hides within, and he's been playing with fire. His gifts will leave the floor too dangerous to play on for long.
Phoenix Eggs
The power of the Phoenix imbues your foes. Destroy the eggs they drop on death, or the Heatwave will resurrect them.

Heatwave (Solar)[edit]

Enemies are imbued with burning properties, inflicting a 9-second Solar Ignition burn. Periodically, a Heatwave will occur; tinging the air orange. During the Heatwave, enemies will be engulfed in flames and have increased strength.

Black Flame (Solar/Shadow)[edit]

Enemies are Gloomtouched, and have a chance to inflict Solar Ignition. On death, enemies will explode into flame, damaging both players and enemies. The explosion will leave behind a permanent patch of fire, dealing light damage while in contact.

Eruption (Solar/Flora)[edit]

Enemies are imbued with burning properties, inflicting Solar Ignition. At random intervals, pillars of toxic gas will erupt from the ground, dealing poison damage and applying Toxic Poison. The Heatwave effect will occur throughout, empowering enemies.

Solar Flare (Solar/Solar)[edit]

Enemies are imbued with burning properties, inflicting Solar Ignition. The Heatwave will now create flame tornadoes in certain areas, dealing constant damage. These flares will subside when the Heatwave ends. Scorch marks on the ground denote where the flares will occur.

Firebombs (Solar/Chaos)[edit]

At random intervals, a Trickster Chest will spawn near players, which will detonate after a delay. The explosion will damage both players and enemies, and will also leave a permanent patch of fire behind. Enemies may drop fake items, indicated by red markings instead of blue. The fake items will explode shortly after they have been touched, or on their own after some time, and will also leave a small permanent patch of fire.

Phoenix Eggs (Solar/Greed)[edit]

Enemies are imbued with burning properties, inflicting Solar Ignition. On death, enemies leave behind a golden egg that can be destroyed, which applies one stack of Greedy to the destroyer. When the Heatwave occurs, the eggs will ignite and revive the enemy and imbues them with the Midas effect. The revival can only happen once per enemy, and reborn enemies do not drop additional loot.

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