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Housing serves as both a social feature, allowing players to invite and interact with friends, as well as directly impacting gameplay through buffs via Artifacts and Trophies.

To unlock housing, players must complete the Somewhere to Call Home quest. When unlocked, each player is provided with a set of Starter Housing Items. Additional items can be obtained via gameplay or purchased from the in game Premium Shop. Craftable housing items can be obtained from Foreman Ruby.

Each item has an "Object Size" and "Placement Type". The Object Size is determined by a percentage, and once the total of all placed items reaches 100%, players are unable to add any more items. The Placement Type specifies where and how items can be placed within the home, such as on the floor, ceiling, or wall. Items with an "Item Surface" Placement Type can be positioned on top of various furnishings.

Currently, there is only one housing option, the apartment, accessible behind Wolf in The Great Hall located in Skylight. However, developers are actively working on introducing more housing choices, along with neighborhoods that can be curated with friends or guilds. [1][2]

Activities such as gardening, fishing and cooking, are all planned to be introduced to the housing system.[3]

There are no plans to implement a limited number of housing plots, therefore, there will be no scarcity of available plots or housing rush, [4] and everyone will be able to enjoy this aspect of the game.


Artifacts are craftable housing items that provide Active Effects/Bonuses. Each Artifact has an individual "Artifact Power" value, and you are limited to activating a maximum total of 10 Artifact Power at any given time. However, you are not limited on how many Artifacts you can place in your apartment besides the standard limits that apply to all housing items. You have the option to manage your active Artifacts from your apartment, or through the Character menu.

Recipes for Artifacts can be obtained from Lost Zone Hunts.


Trophies can drop from specific enemies, events, Lost Zones or chests. Some are simply decorative, while others can be interacted with to provide items or temporary buffs.


Pets are currently only housing items, but are planned to eventually be usable, both in social regions, as well as Lost Zones in the future. They are not planned to affect combat and will continue to be a cosmetic feature that follows your Wayfinder on their adventures in Evenor. [5]

Housing items[edit]




Wall Decor


Item Surface


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