Accessories are items that can be equipped to provide additional attribute bonuses and Echo slots. Up to three accessories can be equipped at once, but duplicates cannot be equipped. They can be acquired by defeating enemies and exploring Lost Zones, but can also be crafted by The Engineer. Unlike Weapons, accessories cannot be leveled up or improved, but still have a level that determines their bonuses and required level to equip. A maximum of 100 accessories can be owned at a time.

The level of an accessory is determined by the Power Rating of where it was obtained. A Sphere 1 Codex Halls Expedition may reward a level 1 Researcher's Journal, whereas a Sphere 4 Repository of Knowledge Expedition may reward a level 26 Researcher's Journal.

Accessory Sets[edit]

Some accessories belong to a Set, providing additional attribute bonuses when 2 or 3 of them are equipped simultaneously. Uncommon, Rare, and Epic sets provide one, two, and three attribute bonuses, respectively. The bonuses apply the Wayfinder's total attributes. Equipping 2 or 3 matching accessories will provide a 5% or 10% bonus to the set's bonuses.

Set Name Set Bonus Accessories
Avar Rapacity Resilience
Azure Vengeance Crit Rating
Bloomborne Crit Power
Codex Armaments Physical Defense
Eventide Prince Ability Power
Everbright Weapon Power
Fires Reborn Magical Defense
Followers of Aturach Max Health
Maze Runner Max Health
Mysteries of the Mines Break Power
Protean Witch Crit Rating
Reaver's Miscellania Weapon Power
Treasures of the Empire Ability Power

Set Name Set Bonus 1 Set Bonus 2 Accessories
Ailed's Curse Crit Power Max Health
Archon Inquisitor's Resilience Ability Power
Archon's Blessing Resilience Physical Defense
Arclight Champion Fragments Ability Power Resilience
Aurelian Monk Magical Defense Crit Rating
Avaricious Miner's Magical Defense Resilience
Beastmaster's Favors Break Power Weapon Power
Blackstone Crit Power Magical Defense
Boon of the Hollowed Ones Magical Defense Weapon Power
Chaotic Scrap Crit Power Resilience
Cleansing Flames Break Power Crit Power
Curious Quarry Resilience Weapon Power
Deceiver's Delights Ability Power Magical Defense
Deep Eldren Ability Power Magical Defense
Deepwood Abyss Crit Power Break Power
Deepwood Avarice Weapon Power Crit Rating
Deepwood Light Weapon Power Break Power
Deepwood Unknown Physical Defense Resilience
Deepwood Verve Crit Rating Magical Defense
DragonKin Rare Physical Defense Ability Power
Escavation Unit Break Power Weapon Power
Evenor's Depths Break Power Ability Power
Fingers of the Land Max Health Resilience
Fitful Crit Rating Weapon Power
Flora Corruption Weapon Power Max Health
From Silence Break Power Resilience
Gloom Monstrosity Ability Power Crit Power
Goblin Rucksack Max Health Break Power
Hazardous Quarry Ability Power Crit Power
Lingering Hunger Break Power Resilience
Perils of Corruption Break Power Physical Defense
Pinched Purses Physical Defense Max Health
Power of the Swamp Physical Defense Break Power
Primordial Acolyte Physical Defense Crit Rating
Prizes of the Pit Max Health Crit Rating
Prophecy of the Coming Star Weapon Power Ability Power
Radiant Majesty Physical Defense Weapon Power
Reaver Champion Physical Defense Crit Rating
Remnants of Viciousness Crit Rating Ability Power
Remnants of Vitality Max Health Break Power
Scrapyard Scrapes Crit Rating Weapon Power
Sea King’s Treasures Magical Defense Crit Power
Secrets of Aurelian Weapon Power Magical Defense
Shifting Shadows Weapon Power Ability Power
Slime-Covered Magical Defense Max Health
Sol's Guidance Resilience Crit Power
Solstice Vessel Break Power Attack Power
Titan's Gift Max Health Physical Defense
Treasure Phoenix's Bounty Weapon Power Crit Rating
Treasures of the Highlands Physical Defense Crit Power
Trickster's Crit Rating Magical Defense
Uncertain Truths Resilience Weapon Power
Venom Queen's Ability Power Crit Rating
Vex's Dynasty Magical Defense Max Health
Warden Reavers Crit Power Resilience
Warped Ambitions Break Power Crit Power
Wondrous Chaos Magical Defense Physical Defense
Woodwen Heirlooms Ability Power Break Power
Wraths of the Primals Ability Power Max Health

Set Name Set Bonus 1 Set Bonus 2 Set Bonus 3 Accessories
Arcanic Innovation Physical Defense Resilience Max Health
Argent Disciple Crit Rating Ability Power Magical Defense
Avaricious Acolyte Max Health Weapon Power Ability Power
Avaricious Aurelian Weapon Power Max Health Crit Rating
Beast Master Weapon Power Max Health Break Power
Blazing Shroudstalker Resilience Max Health Break Power
Blade and Thorn Crit Rating Weapon Power Break Power
Blessings of the Reaver King Physical Defense Weapon Power Max Health
Cerebral Gloom Resilience Crit Rating Ability Power
Chaos Restrained BreakPower Ability Power Magical Defense
Corrupted Aurelian Magical Defense Ability Power Crit Power
Curator's Curiosities Max Health Break Power Resilience
Endless Hunger Crit Power Physical Defense Weapon Power
Evenor's Caretaker Ability Power Crit Rating Max Health
Fallen Archon Crit Power Weapon Power Ability Power
Fallen Lancer Crit Power Max Health Resilience
Fallen Predator Max Health Crit Rating Weapon Power
Fell Shroudstalker Magical Defense Physical Defense Crit Rating
Fallen Aurelian Resilience Crit Rating Weapon Power
Forbidden Artifacts Ability Power Crit Rating Magical Defense
Gilded Beast Crit Power Break Power Crit Rating
Hollow Heart Ability Power Break Power Crit Power
Immortal Spawn Weapon Power Magical Defense Physical Defense
Lingering Light Break Power Max Health Physical Defense
Monarch of Eventide Resilience Attack Power Crit Rating
Mossen Aurelian Break Power Physical Defense Max Health
Mother's Ire Resilience Physical Defense Crit Power
Mutated Chaos Ability Power Physical Defense Break Power
Mutated ChaosFlame Physical Defense Crit Power Crit Rating
Mutated CorpseSpawn Break Power Crit Rating Weapon Power
Mutated Flora Weapon Power Crit Power Physical Defense
Mutated Goldbloom Magical Defense Ability Power Max Health
Mutated GoldFlame Crit Power Resilience Break Power
Gilden Corpsebloom Magical Defense Resilience Max Health
Mutated Instability Crit Power Crit Rating Magical Defense
Mutated Royal Inferno Physical Defense Weapon Power Resilience
Mutated Shadow Max Health Resilience Ability Power
Mutated Solar Soul Crit Rating Crit Power Ability Power
Nightfall Servant Magical Defense Physical Defense Resilience
Obsidian Beast Break Power Magical Defense Ability Power
Raven's Treasures Resilience Ability Power Crit Rating
Remains of Ryv'n Break Power Resilience Crit Power
Renek the Stern's Ability Power Max Health Resilience
Secrets of the Past Ability Power Magical Defense Break Power
Shrike Overseer Magical Defense Physical Defense Break Power
Singed Aurelian Crit Power Crit Rating Resilience
Singed Keepsakes Break Power Crit Power Magical Defense
Smuggler's Cache Physical Defense Weapon Power Crit Power
Sol's Adherent Weapon Power Break Power Max Health
Talon of the Great Flame Ability Power Magical Defense Crit Rating
Unwoven Threads Max Health Break Power Physical Defense
Volatile Beast Physical Defense Max Health Weapon Power
Wayfarer's Creed Crit Rating Crit Power Physical Defense

Non-Set Accessories[edit]

Common-rarity accessories do not belong to a set, and can also be purchased from Venge in Skylight. Accessories from Venge are sold at a set level.

Accessory Instinct Discipline Focus
Arcanic-Resistant Glove Crit Rating Break Power Weapon Power
Balgrim's Totem Weapon Power Max Health ---
Balgrim's Treasure --- --- Magical Defense
Bracer of Memories Weapon Power Crit Rating Magical Defense
Brass Bear --- Weapon Power ---
Caretaker's Necklace --- Max Health ---
Flamewood Phoenix Resilience Magical Defense ---
Floral Mixture Resilience Crit Power Crit Rating
Glittering Amber Crit Power Ability Power Physical Defense
Infused Ore Crit Power Ability Power Break Power
Iron Panther --- Physical Defense Crit Power
Ivory Spoon Physical Defense Weapon Power Max Health
Jade Crane --- --- Crit Rating
Lost Ring Physical Defense Max Health ---
Makeshift Mask Resilience Magical Defense ---
Petrified Wood Statue --- --- Break Power
Prayer Beads Resilience Magical Defense Max Health
Preserved Claw Crit Rating --- ---
Preserved Voice Break Power Max Health Physical Defense
Preserving Box --- Ability Power Weapon Power
Purple Geode Pendant Magical Defense Resilience ---
Ritual Bone Break Power Crit Power Ability Power
Sacrificial Totem Resilience --- ---
Scribe's Discarded Ring Magical Defense Crit Rating Physical Defense
Scribe's First Experiment Ability Power --- Crit Power
Scribe's Notebook Weapon Power --- ---
Shadowstone Deceiver Max Health Break Power Weapon Power
Silver Shrike Ability Power --- Break Power
Sunsteel Salamander Ability Power --- Resilience
Tales of the Aerie Crit Power Resilience Magical Defense
Tales of the Geartooth --- Max Health Crit Rating
Tales of the Trade --- Physical Defense ---
Teak Turtlesaur --- Crit Power ---
Transport Guidance Manual --- --- Ability Power
Witch's Circlet --- Physical Defense Weapon Power
Woodknot Ring Max Health --- ---
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