Chaosborne Sash

Chaosborne Sash
Rare Accessory
Affinity Statistics
Phys Defense Crit Rating Weapon Power
Set Bonus
Fitful Set
  • 2 pieces: +5% Total Crit Rating, Weapon Power
  • 3 pieces: +10% Total Crit Rating, Weapon Power
A sash brimming with Chaos energies. It seems to glitch and flicker in a way reminiscent of Gloomshadows.
— In-Game Description

Chaosborne Sash is an accessory that boosts Phys Defense, Crit Rating, and Weapon Power. It is a part of the Fitful Set set.

Acquisition and Crafting[edit]

Crafting Requirements
Material Amount
Bloodtouched Spectra 24
Glimmering Unstable Spectra 8
Archaic Bone 2
Trickster's Coin 2
Gold 5200
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