Lost Zone

Lost Zones are dungeons that are formed inside the Gloom.[1] They are inherently chaotic in nature due to the presence of the Gloom, and change every time one enters them. Wayfinders can enter Lost Zones using a Gloom Dagger, and putting different Mutators on the Gloom Dagger can change the nature of the Lost Zone they end up in.[2][3] The Lost Zones act as pockets to an area that doesn't necessarily exist in real time or space, and can be thought of like an Echo of a place that was once consumed by the Gloom.[2]

Lost Zones are necessary for Wayfinders to venture into in order to gather resources to achieve various goals, They consist of hand-crafted rooms strung together randomly to create a pattern. Each journey into the Lost Zone presents a unique set of random variables, events, and loot, so no two expeditions are the same.[2]



Icon Name Type Recommended
Power Rating
(Sphere 1)
Party Size
Void Dungeon Expedition Void Dungeon Expedition Expedition Power rating 361
Eventide Vale Expedition Eventide Vale Expedition Expedition Power rating 360
Winter Queen Hunt Winter Queen Hunt Hunt Power rating 360


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