The Gloom is a hostile force that corrupts and consumes the world of Evenor, and breaks down reality into chaos. After the fall of the Architects at the hand of the Precursors, the Gloom began to consume the world, leaving the survivors to fight for the remaining scraps and ruins.[1] While the Gloom is shown to be an ever-present malicious force that corrupts and consume, the Gloom Dagger and several of File:Niss's abilities.pngNiss's abilities show that the Gloom can be manipulated into being somewhat of a benefit in exchange for something, and can perhaps be used to some advantage when wielded properly.

The Gloomfall[edit]

The Gloomfall is an event that occurred when the Gloom was introduced to the world of Evenor. After the Precursors killed the Architects, they released the Gloom onto the world for unknown reasons.[2]

Lost Zones[edit]

When the Gloom consumes an area, it creates a Lost Zone, a shifting chaotic mess that changes every time. Lost Zones are inherently dangerous because they're created by the Gloom, which is why Wayfinders who are born as echoes of a fallen hero that were consumed by the Gloom can enter them safely. [3]

Gloom Dagger[edit]

Wayfinders can control Lost Zones using Gloom Daggers, a device that lets one change what they see to a certain degree when they venture into a Lost Zone. Although the Gloom can be manipulated using Gloom Daggers, the Gloom in turn attempts to augment the Lost Zone with modifications to enemy damage, environmental hazards, and more.[1]

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