Weapons are used by Wayfinders along with their character-unique abilities to fight against enemies. While a Wayfinder's abilites dictates their role to a certain degree, their equipped weapon determines their playstyle. Each weapon has their own unique Weapon Ability that further defines each weapon's playstyle.[1][2] Each weapon has their own statistics that will be granted to the Wayfinder wielding it. Like Wayfinders, weapons will gain experience in combat, increasing their level and stat bonuses.[3] At certain levels, weapons can be Tempered with materials to slightly increase their bonuses.

Each Wayfinder has a Signature Weapon. Signature Weapons are simply weapons that fit within a Wayfinder's kit.[4][5]

Weapons are sorted into classes, which may have subclasses within it. Currently, there are 4 classes and 8 subclasses.


At levels 5, 15, and 25, a weapon can be Tempered with Gloomstones and Gold, improving all base statistics.

Level Gloomstones Gold
5 3Grey Gloomstone Gold 750
15 3Blue Gloomstone Gold 3050
25 3Red Gloomstone Gold 12250

Guardian Melee[edit]

Sword & Shield[edit]

Sword & Shields balance offense and defense, able to block incoming attacks and mitigate damage.

Executioner Melee[edit]

Executioner weapons focus on high damage at the cost of slower attacks.




Twin Striker Melee[edit]

Dual Daggers[edit]

Dual Daggers have lower damage but can attack quickly and parry.

Marksman Ranged[edit]




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