Guardian Melee

Guardian Melee Weapons are defensive melee weapons, capable of blocking with a shield to defend against attacks and reduce damage. The shield can also be used as weapon in combat, dealing more Break Damage than Weapon Damage.

Guardian Melees have a unique Latent Power mechanic: blocking attacks and attacking enemies will build up the Latent Power meter. Once the meter is full, performing a shield slam attack will earn 1 Latent Power pip, up to a max of 3 pips, and reset the meter. Latent Power pips can then be spent with weapon abilities, with more pips increasing the ability's power.

Sword & Shield[edit]

Weapon Weapon Ability

Grim Harvest
Bone Geyser

Plunges the sword into the ground to unleash an eruption of Bone Spikes in a radius around the Wayfinder, dealing damage and staggering even Heavily Armored enemies. Deals additional damage for each Latent Power Pip consumed.

Radiant Dawn
Archon's Blade

Empowers the sword and shield with radiant energy. Extends damage and range of melee attacks, and empowers blocking to greatly reduce incoming stamina damage.

Tooth and Claw
Shredder Toss

Launches the shield to tear through and bounce between enemies. Deals additional damage for each Latent Power Pip consumed.

Power Bash

Performs a powerful shield bash that does Massive impact and high guard break damage. Power increases with each Latent Power Pip consumed.


Protects the Wayfinder and all nearby allies with a Damage shield, absorbing all damage, and preventing impacts until the shield is broken. Increases magnitude of the shield for each Latent Power Pip consumed.

Healing Pulse

Heals the wayfinder and nearby allies. Power increases for each Latent Power Pip consumed.


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