Executioner Melee

Executioner Melee Weapons are offensive melee weapons, with slow but sweeping strikes to damage multiple enemies. Executioner Melees can block attacks, similar to Guardian Melees, but are less efficient. However, they can perform a shoulder tackle during blocks, which can power through enemy attacks with reduced damage taken.

Executioner Melees have a unique Momentum mechanic: attacks during combat will build up a 3-bar Momentum meter, which drains when outside of combat. The Momentum meter can be spent to empower weapon abilities, which increases in strength with more bars.


Weapon Ability

Gladiator Slice

Performs a quick Melee attack that buffs Ability Power by 20% for the next Wayfinder Ability used within 3 seconds. Consumes 1 level of momentum per use. Using Gladiator Slice again within 6 seconds will perform an Empowered Gladiator Slice, dealing an additional 20% damage, up to 2 times.

Titan's Bane
Molten Cleave

Consumes all momentum to cleave the ground and damage enemies in a line. The resulting cracks will pulse damage over a short period of time after the initial strike.

Windmother's Fang

Execute a swift 3-5 hit combo, determined by the amount of Momentum consumed, inflicting substantial damage. Simultaneously, temporarily allowing the Wayfinder to exceed the Heat of Battle multiple cap up to 300%.


Weapon Ability

Steel Vortex

Throws the axe to spin in a vortex in front of the Wayfinder, dealing damage multiple times before returning. Deals additional damage for each level of Momentum consumed.


Consumes all Momentum to perform a strong overhead slam. A direct hit will Sunder the target, increasing All Damage taken by 10% per Momentum Level consumed, for 10 seconds.


Charge forward, dragging the weapon along the ground and dealing damage in a line, ending with a massive uppercut swing. Deals additional damage for each level of Momentum consumed.


Weapon Ability

Arcane Harvest

A spinning slash that deals damage and steals Ability Power from enemies, increasing in power for each Momentum Level consumed.

Wheel of Pain

Throws the scythe out in front of the Wayfinder, spinning in place as long as the button is held. Momentum is drained as the scythe is spinning. Wheel of Pain also heals the Wayfinder as it deals damage. Upon release, unleash a wide swipe attack that deals damage.


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