Quests are groups of tasks given to the player to complete for rewards and story content.

There are several types of quests:

  • Main Story - These quests will progress the Main Story, and will often unlock additional Side and Priority quests
  • Side Story - Optional quests that have no bearing on the Main Story
  • Jobs - Small quests for bonus experience, resources, and Helper Coins to trade with Wolf
  • Bounty - Vanquish the Mythic Foe with the specified Mutator to gain various rewards, including Glory to trade with The Huntmaster
  • Patrols - Short quests that you can pick up from Patrol Beacons scattered throughout the Frostmarch. The available patrols change every time you return to the overland
  • Priority - Optional quests that will unlock new mechanics
  • Achievements - Specific goals to achieve that can be tracked and viewed on your respective gaming platform


  1. Heart of Darkness
  2. City on a Hill
  3. Into the Unknown
  4. The Gloom Dagger
  5. The Descent
  6. Tangled Webs
  7. Controlling the Chaos
  8. What Lurks in the Shadows
  9. Call of the Void
  10. Eyes to See
  11. Fading Light
  12. Walking in Shadows
  13. Distress Beacon
  14. The Fallen Shrike
  15. Into the Pit
  16. Source of the Slime
  17. A Bargain at the Crossroads
  18. The Trial of Lingering Light
  19. Ruins of Aurelian
  20. Remnants of the Past
  21. The Archon Assault
  22. Fallen Archon
  23. The Bloodworks
  24. The Fall of the Silver Codex
  25. Duality
  26. Finding the First
  27. Bad Omens
  28. Unraveling Chaos
  29. Unraveling Doubt
  30. Unraveled Remains
  31. Lighting the Flame
  32. The Lost Colony
  33. The Shrouded Woods
  34. Shadows Over Deepwood
  35. The Devil You Know
  36. The Hidden Heart
  37. Lies Within Lies
  38. A Champion's Blood
  39. The Ring of Blood
  40. Lost Spirits
  41. The Road To Ruin
  42. The Hollow Heart
  43. Wormwood
  44. Roots of Evil
  45. The Deathless
  46. Epilogue
  47. Despair and Hope

  1. The Broken Home
  2. The Thousand Faces
  3. Reunions and Revelations
  1. Resource Management
  2. Energy Crisis
  3. Faction Fight
  1. Shadows Fall
  2. A Dip in the Dark
  3. Wish Upon a Star
  1. Finding the Lost Caravan
  2. Looting the Looters
  3. Live by the Sword
  1. Peace Offering
  2. Love After Gloomfall
  3. From the Ashes
  1. Finding Courage
  2. Counterfeiter
  3. Of Most Worth
  1. The Noxious Betrayer
  2. The Lavish Betrayer
  3. The Mad Bomber Betrayer
  4. The Pyro Betrayer
  5. The Gloomtouched Betrayer
  6. The Would-Be Successors
  1. Book of Shadow
  2. Book of Chaos
  3. Book of Growth
  4. Book of Rebirth
  5. Book of Death
  6. Book of Gloom
  7. Restoring the Archives
  1. Tomb of the Stone King
  2. The Bell Tree
  3. Monastery of the Sword
  1. Tracing the Past
  2. Hidden Knowledge
  3. Echoes of Eternity
  1. Not-So-Sage Advice
  2. Project Re-Venge!
  3. Project Re-Venge Re-Visited With A Re-Vengeance
  1. A Worthy Opponent
  2. Whispers on the Wind
  3. The Lair of the Whisperer
  1. Grinding the Geartooth
  2. Unexpected Visitors
  3. Cleansing Fire
  1. The Kestrel and the Rook
  2. Birds of a Feather
  3. The Caged Bird Sings
  1. Seeking Knowledge
  2. Seeking Truth
  3. Seeking Hope
  4. Seeking Closure
  1. Found Among the Ashes
  2. Forgotten Rings
  3. Ghost in the Machine
  1. A Ruthless End
  2. Shadow of the Eclipse
  3. Bond of Blood
  1. A Woodwen's Plea
  2. Think Faster
  3. Hope Blooms and Burns
  4. From the Edge of Death
  5. The Last Potion
  1. The Crystal Shard
  2. The Gift and the Garrison
  1. Find the Liar
  2. Find the Liar: Fovur
  3. Find the Liar: Vaf
  4. Find the Liar: Maelon Sol
  5. Elusive Truths
  6. Dark Truths
  1. Father of Mine
  2. Child of Mine



Name Unlock
Consume and Control First Potions slot unlocked
Power From The Past Accessories crafting unlocked
A New Wayfinder Wayfinder summoning unlocked
Somewhere to Call Home Housing unlocked
Instinct, Discipline, Focus Affinity unlocked
No Better Friend Jobs unlocked
Vile Vials Second Potions slot unlocked
First Awakening Awakening unlocked
Saddle Up Mount unlocked
Of Myth & Might Mythic Hunts unlocked
Thanks for the Memories Memories unlocked
Venomess Venomess unlocked
Kyros Kyros unlocked
Senja Senja unlocked
Grendel Grendel unlocked

Icon Name Description
Power House Power House Reach a Power Level of 3000
Master of War Master of War Reach Level 30 with a Warmaster
Arcane Lord Arcane Lord Reach Level 30 with an Arcanist
I Will Survive I Will Survive Reach Level 30 with a Survivalist
Wide Awake Wide Awake Reach Awakening 5 with any Wayfinder or Weapon
Legend Reborn Legend Reborn Reach Wayfinder Rank 30
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Complete 10 Bounties
Way Found Way Found Relight the Beacon
Testing your Limits Testing your Limits Spend an Affinity Point
Limitless Limitless Spend 30 Affinity Points
Touched by Greed Touched by Greed Acquire 100k Gold
Déjà vu Déjà vu Acquire 100k Memory Echoes
Aurelian Lost Aurelian Lost Complete Aurelian Lost Expedition
After the Fall After the Fall Complete the Main Story Quest: 'Eyes to See'
Bad Omens (achievement) Bad Omens Complete the Main Story Quest: 'Bad Omens'
Hunting the Hunter Hunting the Hunter Complete the Huntmaster's Questline: 'Scavenger Hunt'
Swan Song Swan Song Complete Kestrel's Questline: 'The Final Score'
Spirited Away Spirited Away Complete the Frostmarch Questline: 'Spirits of the March'
Remnant of the Past Remnant of the Past Complete the Curator's Questline: 'A Fragmentary Passage'
No Honor Among Thieves No Honor Among Thieves Complete Old Kite's Questline: 'Honor Among Thieves'
Last of the Woodwen Last of the Woodwen Complete Unar the Mystic's Questline: 'Last of the Woodwen'
Kindling Light Kindling Light Light all Signal Fires in the Highlands and Frostmarch
Alchemical Enthusiast Alchemical Enthusiast Craft 30 Potions
Wayfarer Wayfarer Discover 25 Landmarks
Hero for All Hero for All Complete 30 Jobs
No Place Like Home No Place Like Home Unlock Your Apartment
Born Anew Born Anew Summon a Wayfinder
Legendary Armorer Legendary Armorer Acquire 10 Pieces of Armor
Champion's Vestige Champion's Vestige Craft an Accessory
Echoes of Power Echoes of Power Perform Echo Fusion 1 time
All For One All For One Perform Echo Fusion 100 times
Self Improvement Self Improvement Upgrade an Ability
Manipulating the Gloom Manipulating the Gloom Complete a Mutated Expedition
Master of the Elements Master of the Elements Complete 50 Mutated Expeditions
Expeditionary Force Expeditionary Force Complete 10 Expeditions
Anchor Slayer Anchor Slayer Complete 100 Expeditions
Finding the Path Finding the Path Complete your first Hunt
Walking the Path Walking the Path Complete 50 Hunts
Unlock All Wayfinders Unlock All Wayfinders Unlock all Wayfinders
Echoes of Eternity (achievement) Echoes of Eternity Defeat a Heroic Facsimile Boss
Dimensional Warrior Dimensional Warrior Defeat a Heroic Gloom Tear Boss
Well, That was Eventful... Well, That was Eventful... Complete 100 Events
Seeker of Truth Seeker of Truth Complete the Mass Deception Event Without Triggering any Deceivers
Beat the House Beat the House Win the Max Prize in the Trickster Bar Event
Firefighter Firefighter Defeat the Talon of Pyre
Fowl Spirit Fowl Spirit Defeat the Astral Zephyr
Dye Hard Dye Hard Apply a dye 10 Times
Midas Touch Midas Touch Defeat the Fallen Greedlord
Shadow and Flame Shadow and Flame Defeat the Kindled Heartwood
Wayfinder (achievement) Wayfinder [PlayStation only] Unlock All Trophies
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