Book of Growth

Book of Growth
Category Quests
Type Side Story
Repeatable False
Rewards 902Resonance
103Memory Fragment
2Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
5Veridian Spectra
1000Reward Tower XP

Book of Growth is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



Recover pages of the Rowan Monograph for the Curator of the Codex Archives. You can find the pages in the Undercroft when you use a Flora Imbuement.


The Curator has asked you to recover pages on Flora research. If you use a Flora Imbuement on your expeditions, you should be able to find these pages in the Undercroft.


You recovered the Codex Curator's research on the element of Flora from the Undercroft. One day this could allow you to grow gardens in the Gloom, but there's a great deal of work to be done before that's possible.



Clear Book of Chaos.

Start quest[edit]

Talk to the Curator during the Undercroft Expedition.


  1. Book of Shadow
  2. Book of Chaos
  3. Book of Growth
  4. Book of Rebirth
  5. Book of Death
  6. Book of Gloom
  7. Restoring the Archives



Start Quest

Initiate, attend! There is blood on the gates of the Undercroft. There's little time left, but I am not yet ready to seal the archives. We need to preserve our research!


Of course, Curator. How may I help?


Sister Rowan is working with Flora. If we can perfect her work, we could have grand gardens growing in our Substrata—we could feed the people of Aurelian with vegetables grown in the shadows.


Impossible. But, if there's even a chance... we are barely keeping our people fed. If we could grow food in the Gloom, it could change everything. We need to see this research!


How do I find Rowan's workshop, Curator?


She's working here in the substrata below the Undercroft. The sages will help you find the Flora path. Be quick, now, and tell Sister Rowan that we're fortifying the Repository of Knowledge.


You've done this before... you should be able to reach the layer he's describing by using a Flora Imbuement on your Dagger. Good luck.

Clear Phase 1

That's enough, Initiate! You've recovered the crucial core of Rowan's work. Return to me in the Undercroft.

Clear Quest

You must work more quickly, Initiate! Our time is running out. But... yes, it is all here. I will secure Rowan's work in the archives.


This manuscript is fascinating. This Sister Rowan was indeed trying to get vegetation to bloom within the Gloom.

Not immediately. It seems like she was only able to produce toxic plants and pools of acid. But I'll review it with Lord Halar; we may be able to build upon Rowan's work.


Very well.


Are you talking to yourself, Initiate? I need a moment, but I'm sure one of the other sages can use your help. Go! Go.

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