The Descent

The Descent
Category Quests
Type Main Story Quests
Rewards 150Resonance
Grey Gloomstone
100Memory Fragment
5Small Wayfinder Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP
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The Gloom Dagger Tangled Webs

The Descent is a main quest in Wayfinder.



Omen wants you to travel to Lower Skylight and find the Gloom Breach tied to the Codex Halls. There are many dangers in the Highlands; be cautious.


With your Gloom Dagger now refined, Omen has tasked you with returning to the Codex Halls. The Seekers suspect the Order of the Silver Codex were experimenting with sinister forces; Omen needs you to uncover the truth. Travel to Lower Skylight and search for the Gloom Breach tied to the Codex Halls.



Clear The Gloom Dagger.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Light the Signal Fire in Market Row
  • Phase 2
    • Light the Signal Fire Near the Great Lift
  • Phase 3
    • Take the Lift down to the Highlands
  • Phase 4
    • Speak to Warden Hass
  • Phase 5
    • Light the Signal Fire in Lower Skylight


Start Quest

There you are. Your Gloom Dagger is connected to the Beacon of Skylight. Aside from being an invaluable tool for exploring the Gloom, it also allows us to communicate through the link.


I heard another voice in Aurelian. Was that you?


A voice in the Gloom? No, that wasn't me. I warned you that the connection would be unstable. Remain alert, but I'm sure it was just some manifestation of the chaos.


These daggers, the shard—Where did they come from?


Lord Halar and I spent much of this last year refining the daggers, as we sought to retrieve you from the Gloom. As for the shards... that's a tale for another time.

But now, I need you to return to the Codex Halls. We need to know more about the work of the Silver Codex. I always thought they were peaceful, devoted sages. Now I'm not so sure.

Our work suggests they were experimenting with a sinister force that may have been the Gloom—decades before the Gloomfall. This work could help us push back the Gloom or reconnect our world.

As Lord Halar has told you, you must first find the Breach tied to the Codex Halls out in the wider world, and that means leaving the safety of Skylight.

Before you leave Skylight, I need you to bind your dagger to the Signal Fires here. This will strengthen your connection to the Beacon and help you move quickly across the region.

Once that's done, take the lift down to the Highlands and find Warden Hass; she's in charge of our defenses. I will offer guidance when I can.

Clear Phase 1

Good. The Signal Fires are tied to the Beacon—it's this network of arcane energies that holds back the Gloom.

Clear Phase 2

Well done. Now, take the Great Lift to the Highlands and find Warden Hass.

Clear Phase 3

Warden Hass is stationed in Lower Skylight and knows the Highlands well. She'll know the location of the Breach you're looking for.

Clear Phase 4
Warden Hass

Well met, Wayfinder! Welcome back to the world—what's left of it. It's an ugly business. We're fighting the Shrikes for resources, and out beyond you've got feral beasts and Gloom-spawned monsters.


What's a Shrike?

Warden Hass

You'll find out soon enough, I fear. Brigands and looters, some of them half-feral from drinking Godsblood and other madness. Dangerous, is what they are. But what's your business here?


I need to enter the Codex Halls.

Warden Hass

Looking for the Breach? I'm no Wayfinder, but I know it. Head out past the Foundry and through the ruined gate walls. Once you get to the swamp, look for the large, gnarled tree and weathered steps.



Warden Hass

Be sure to bind your dagger to the Signal Fire here. You'll find them across the Highlands; never miss an opportunity to forge a connection.


Why are the Signal Fires important?

Warden Hass

Again, I'm no Wayfinder. I've heard they're connected to the Beacon, and each connection strengthens its light. As a Wayfinder you can instantly move between the fires—you'll find it a useful tool.

Clear Quest
Warden Hass

On your way, then. But—we could use another blade out here. These Gloomtouched beasts get more dangerous every day, and the Shrikes are even worse.

Skylight needs supplies, and it's getting harder and harder to find them. I know you've got your mission. But if you can kill a wurm or scare off some Shrikes... we need the help.

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