The Road To Ruin

The Road To Ruin
Category Quests
Type Main Story
Rewards 5250Resonance
Red Gloomstone
520Memory Fragment
Legion's Thread
21Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
All Seeing
File:Dread Reckoning.pngDread Reckoning
2000Reward Tower XP
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Lost Spirits The Hollow Heart

The Road To Ruin is a main quest in Wayfinder.



Speak to Seeker Avala about Bal Duum and the Hollow Heart.


Graymourn wants you to speak to Seeker Avala. The witch believes the path to entering the Hollow Heart may lie within Bal Duum.


Working with Seeker Avala, you uncovered a conduit of Shadow energy flowing into the Hollow Heart. Graymourn used this to locate the Heart within the Gloom, but to enter it you must cleanse a sacred site deep in the Frostmarch and summon the spirits.



Clear Lost Spirits.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
    • Enter Bal Duum Using the Flora and Shadow Imbuements
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4
  • Phase 5
  • Phase 6
    • Craft the Gloomtrace for the Dread Legion
  • Phase 7
  • Phase 8
  • Phase 9


Start Quest
Seeker Avala

How versed are you with basic arcane theory? Oh, I'll just run through it. All magic manipulates fundamental elements. Order and Chaos, Radiant and Shadow… twelve we know of so far.

The Gloom is an overwhelming force of Chaos and Shadow. It consumes, corrupts, and transforms. Gloomtouched creatures channel these elements. The Reavers, however…

The Reavers are infused with the Gloom, with Shadow and Chaos. But there's a third element at work—Flora. That's the basic power of growth, of nature.

But here's the REALLY interesting part: They're drawing that Flora energy from an outside source—and the Gloom they're consuming flows back through it. It's as if they're feeding something.


Or someone.

Seeker Avala

Maybe! I think the Heart of the Woods is the source of their power—and they're channeling the Gloom energy back into it. To the Reaver King? To control the Heart? I don't know yet.

But there is an arcane conduit—a channel of elemental energy operating on an etheric level. If we can isolate it, we might be able to find a connection to the Heart of the Woods.


So I just return to Bal Duum?

Seeker Avala

No! No no no. I need you to dig deeper, metaphysically speaking. I need you to use Shadow and Flora imbuements via your Dagger—to enter an echo of Bal Duum attuned to those powers.

If I'm right, you should find some sort of conduit—it might look like a Gloom Tear or Breach? I imagine you'll also find mushrooms. Lots and lots of mushrooms.

So imbue your Dagger, enter Bal Duum, and do try to stay alive! We'll see what you find.

Clear Phase 2
Seeker Avala

Oooh, perfect. I can sense the flow of energies. Search for a Breach, and don't eat any mushrooms. Curious as I am as to their effects, we must focus on the task at hand.

Clear Phase 3
Seeker Avala

Don't enter it! Instead, use your dagger as you normally would. I can use the information collected from the Tear.

Clear Phase 4
Seeker Avala

That should do it. I'll need to study your Dagger—come back to Deepwood Holt. And seriously—don't eat the mushrooms!

Clear Phase 5
Seeker Avala

Marvelous, Wayfinder... give me a moment... hmm...


What is it?

Seeker Avala

That flow of Flora energy is coming from the Heart of the Woods. But there's something—disrupting the focus, blocking the path. It must be dreadfully powerful! Oh, the things we might learn!

It must be a pure Gloom manifestation of some kind. It doesn't feel like the work of the Reaver King; it's like someone else left this in our way. Regardless, we can't proceed until it's gone.

You'll have to enter the conduit directly and destroy the obstacle. I'm not sure if it's a creature or a barrier? Either way, we should be able to use its essence to forge a connection.

Clear Phase 7
Seeker Avala

Oh, I wish we had time to collect more samples. But, time is pressed. Bring its essence back to Deepwood, and let's see what we can do.

Clear Phase 8
Seeker Avala

Oh! You returned much quicker than I hoped. I was still preparing something of a spiel. You see, this is exactly what we need, but… I don't actually know what to do with it.

So, you've cleared the path. There is most definitely a conduit to the Heart of the Woods, but I've never actually been there and therefore can't create a connection for you.

We'll need the assistance of an arcanist who's actually been to the Heart of the Woods. And, well, there's only one person who fits that description.



Seeker Avala

Um, yes. Could you go talk to her? I may or may not have tested an acidic solution on a bramble just outside of Deepwood that I later learned she was quite fond of.


I'll do it.

Seeker Avala

Oh, thank goodness. I was told she would string me among the trees if she caught sight of me. Best of luck to you...

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