Peace Offering

Peace Offering
Category Quests
Type Side Story
Repeatable False
Rewards 980Resonance
145Memory Fragment
3Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
1000Reward Tower XP

Peace Offering is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



Watcher Isti would like you to collect some presents for his husband to help make up for the time they've spent apart recently. Head into Lower Skylight and scrounge up something nice.


Watcher Isti hasn't been able to spend much time with his partner lately because of his duty to Skylight. He wants you to collect flowers and other presents to give to his husband and help show how much he cares.


Watcher Isti's plan failed spectacularly; his husband was deathly allergic to the flowers and the bloody music box taken off a dead Shrike didn't inspire any warm feelings. Who knew marriage could be so complicated?



Start quest[edit]

Talk to Watcher Isti in the Highlands.


  1. Peace Offering
  2. Love After Gloomfall
  3. From the Ashes


  • Phase 1
    • Collect Lost Violets near Lower Skylight (5)
    • Kill Shrikes to Steal a Present (5)
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
    • Ask Holdan's Friend at Damon's Bell as to his Whereabouts
  • Phase 4
    • Look for Holdan's Friend at the Shop Near the Windhowler Statues
  • Phase 5
    • Look for Holdan Past the Blue Sign
  • Phase 6
    • Deliver the Gifts to Holdan Near the Entrance of Ruined Skylight
  • Phase 7


Start Quest
Watcher Isti

Oi—you! You're the new Wayfinder, yeah? Heard a lot about you. You've been real good to the city. Hope you know we appreciate it.

Now, now, I know you're probably busy and the like, but I could use a bit of a favor if you're so inclined to help a fellow fighter? Won't take long. Promise!


Alright, I'm listening.

Watcher Isti

So, I've got a husband, right? And we've been married for quite a few, but I only just recently became a soldier. After the big battle, I mean. You know the one… the Battle for Skylight!

Anyway, a soldiers life is hard, you know? ‘Course you do! You're a Wayfinder.

But ‘cause I'm a soldier, right, it means I can't come home for days at a time. I'm always on call, and I can't rightly tell him where I'm going half the time…

I can tell he's been proper upset by it all, and I just want to make things right, however I can.


What do you need, Isti?

Watcher Isti

I can't just abandon my post. I just can't. There are bandits all over, not to mention the Gloom creatures. But if you wouldn't mind fetching a few of his favorites for me?

There's these flowers he's always talking about… ah… Lost Violets? ‘Course, yeah! Those are popular these days. I've seen ‘em grow outside of Lower Skylight.

We'll need something to go with the bouquet though. What's close by… Oh! Maybe, em, you could grab something off the Shrikes? I've seen plenty of them with little trinkets. Music boxes, and the like.

Once you've got ‘em all, bring the goods back here. I'll write him a fancy love note and all that! You know, to sweep him off his ‘dorable little feet!

Clear Phase 1

I was able to make the flowers into a simple bouquet, and a Shrike dropped a slightly bloody but still working music box. A bit rough... but it'll have to do.

Clear Phase 2
Watcher Isti

Oi—thanks! You know, you're actually rather good at this. Here's the letter for my husband. His name is Holdan. He's usually in Skylight around this time, though I'm not really sure where…

Em, you could try asking one of his mates. He's one of the guys working near Damon's Bell. Oh, and when you find Holdan, make sure he knows I still adore ‘im!

Clear Phase 3
Skylight Citizen

Holdan? I saw him helping our friend run his shop close to the windhowler statues. It's across from the Signal Fire.

Clear Phase 4
Skylight Citizen

Holdan? He was here earlier. He's helped a lot since the Gloom took my wife. Think he went to help some folks with that blue sign at the bridge.

Clear Phase 5
Skylight Citizen

Nah, I'm not Holdan. He helped me with the lights a bit ago though. Nice guy. Shame he's always so down. He should be at the entrance of Ruined Skylight near Ruby.

Clear Phase 6

Oh, hello. Are you the Wayfinder that's been looking for me? I heard one was asking after me through the grapevine.


You're a hard man to find, Holdan.


Eh, really? Why do you say that?


No reason... Here, this is from your husband.


He's actually sending me a present? Well, that's a new one.

What… what is this? Is this his idea of a joke?


Not that I'm aware.


You go and tell him that if these gifts were meant to illustrate and show his “love”, the message is loud and clear!


What's the problem?


What's the problem? He doesn't come to see me for weeks, and now he sends me a bloody, dented music box and flowers that make me sneeze, and thinks everything is just hunky dory!?


Sorry about the blood. The Shrikes put up a fight.


Oh, I see! He didn't even bother to go out and gather this stuff himself? He seriously made a Wayfinder go out and do it for him?

I'm out here rebuilding homes and scraping supplies to feed refugees, but you don't see me forgetting what causes him discomfort! What's his excuse?

Just... leave me be, Wayfinder. And if you do decide to talk to him again, let him know, I'll be staying at Ruby's for a while. He blew it. Once and for all.

Clear Quest
Watcher Isti

Wayfinder! I've basically been holding my breath waiting on the news. So, how'd it go?


To be honest, not well.

Watcher Isti

What do you mean…?


Well, it all escalated pretty quickly.

Watcher Isti

Escalated? Quickly!? That's just like him. He never stops for a second to think. Holdan probably got in a huff over some nonsense and then got himself too worked up to stop!


He started sneezing a lot when I left.

Watcher Isti

That's absurd! He—wait... Lost Violets. That's why the name sounded familar. I know this last year has been tough, but, Arcs, how could I be so thoughtless?


Seems like the last straw. He's very upset.

Watcher Isti

No. I won't lose him. Please, if you're still willing, I need to make this right.

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