Live by the Sword

Live by the Sword
Category Quests
Type Side Story
Repeatable False
Rewards 4073Resonance
420Memory Fragment
3Large Wayfinder Resonance Cache
Radiant Dawn
2000Reward Tower XP

Live by the Sword is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



Magan has beseeched you to cleanse the archon's blade by laying it upon an altar in the Aurelian Ruins. It's time you returned to the Undercroft.


The Archon's blade you found has been stained by the innocents massacred at Aurelian. Magan has beseeched you to cleanse the archon's blade by laying it upon an altar in the Aurelian Ruins. Return to the Undercroft to face the Archon Commander and lay the tarnished blade to rest.


The Archon Commander's blade was cleansed within the Undercroft. Hopefully the man that once wielded it might finally find some peace.



Start quest[edit]

Talk to Magan in the Highlands.


  1. Finding the Lost Caravan
  2. Looting the Looters
  3. Live by the Sword



Start Quest

Ah, good. I had hoped we would cross paths again. Do you perchance still hold that Archon's blade? The sword you found amongst the goblin's stolen goods?


Yes, I do.


Then I've a favor to ask of you. The Archons who entered the monastery… they… they did unspeakable things to those whom dwelled within.


I witnessed the massacre. You know this.


I do. It is why I know that you understand. More than anyone else, you know that blade is stained by the deaths of innocents.


The monks weren't blameless.


No, they were not. But many did not know of the evils that the First committed in the Undercroft. Yet they fell before this blade all the same.

The strength of an Archon is founded in his faith. Faith in the Architects, yes, but even more so in the virtue of his cause.

That blade… I know that he poured all his hopes within. And in the end, I am certain, it bears the taint of his transgressions too.

In the Avar faith, twisted sentiments which linger are said to torment the spirit. Perhaps this sword's wielder is unworthy after committing such acts. But, if you could find it in your heart…


I will help, Magan.


Then I would ask you to cleanse this sword.




Such a ritual would only be possible in the same place where its master's virtue was shattered.

There is an altar in the monastery that might suffice. However, I believe it is where the Commander of the Archons whom became twisted into Remnants dwells.

If you are able, and willing, place the sword upon the altar. Lay it, and its wielder's torment, to rest.

Clear Phase 2

Thank you, Wayfinder. I know... I know he would have greatly appreciated the care you took. Please come find me when you are finished in the Undercroft.

Clear Quest

Wayfinder, I must thank you for what you have done. There aren't many who would have shown such kindness as you did.

Now, with that sword laid to rest… perhaps he can finally be at peace. Whatever his mistakes, I have to believe one's past need not define their present.

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