A Worthy Opponent

A Worthy Opponent
Category Quests
Type Side Story Quests
Repeatable False
Rewards 1613Resonance
163Memory Fragment
4Medium Weapon Resonance Cache
1000Reward Tower XP

A Worthy Opponent is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



You were attacked by a terrifying monstrosity saturated with the Gloom. It was far stronger than other nearby creatures, but it disappeared part way into the fight. It would be best to see if Omen knows its weaknesses in-case this happens again.


You are in search of more information about a strangely powerful creature you faced within the Gloom. It disappeared before you could fell the creature, which is strange behavior for a Gloom creature. You should speak with Omen in Skylight and see if she knows no more about it.


When you were stalked by a vile Gloom creature, you turned to Omen and the Huntmaster for knowledge. By hunting three Highlands creatures, you proved to the Huntmaster and yourself that you could take on a Whisperer.




Start quest[edit]



  1. A Worthy Opponent
  2. Whispers on the Wind
  3. The Lair of the Whisperer


  • Phase 1
    • Ask Omen About the Gloom Creature
  • Phase 2
    • Speak to the Huntmaster in Skylight
  • Phase 3
    • Kill the Silent Butcher in the Highlands
    • Kill the Earth Shaker in the Highlands
    • Kill Tyran's Bane in Highlands
  • Phase 4
    • Return to the Huntmaster in Skylight


Start Quest

What in the world was that thing?

Clear Phase 1

That's a concerning tale you tell. We still know little about the nature of creatures which the Gloom creates—less so of their weaknesses. By its nature, it is a force of infinite possibilities.

Have you met Huntmaster Rake? Before the Fall, he was a master hunter, tracker, and champion from the Maze. In his time, he stalked every manner of creature, and now, he leads the Seeker's hunters.

He keeps a dwelling near the Great Lift and the Bell Tower. Perhaps he can guide you further. Be well, old friend.

Clear Phase 2
The Huntmaster

A new hunter stirs. If you would speak, do so quickly. Hesitation gains you nothing.

The Huntmaster

You speak of a Whisperer. Cruel and cunning creatures. They prey on the weak, killing them quickly for consumption. They stalk the strong. Bring them torment.

If it has let you live, it will have marked you. Through this mark, it clings to the scent of your essence. It will stalk you until you are ripe to devour.


Can it consume an Echo?

The Huntmaster

Would you truly find out? Only a fool or a fledgling waits willingly for their end. The Whisperer watches, waits, for a single mistake. Its hunt has begun.


Then you and I will hunt it first.

The Huntmaster

Warrior though you may be, you are no hunter. You know nothing of the Path. You shall have to walk it, if you wish for my aid. Step silently, stalk wisely, and kill quickly.

Let us see what you can do. Go forth to the Highlands and make prey of its dangers. Hunt the Silent Butcher, the Earth Shaker, and Tyran's Bane. Then, you will be ready.

Clear Quest
The Huntmaster

You have completed the rite. You are blooded.


I am ready to kill this Whisperer.

The Huntmaster

Be sure you are prepared. A hunt is more than a bout between weak and strong. The winds and soil must become your allies. You must become the hunter. When you know this, we shall strike.

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