Echoes of the Fallen

Echoes of the Fallen
Category Quests
Type Priority Quests
Rewards 100Resonance
Echoes Unlocked

Echoes of the Fallen is a priority quest in Wayfinder.



Lord Halar wants to speak to you about a way to increase your power.


As a Wayfinder, you can enhance your abilities by bonding with the echoes of your fallen foes. Lord Halar explained the nature of this power and how you can use it.



Clear The Gloom Dagger.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.


  • Phase 1
    • Speak to Lord Halar in Skylight


Start Quest
Lord Halar

Wayfinder! There's something else we must discuss.

Clear Quest
Lord Halar

Tell me... how are you feeling? Are your limbs working as you expect them to? Does your body feel... reliably solid?


I feel fine... Why do you ask?

Lord Halar

As a Wayfinder, you aren't just a creature of flesh and blood. You shaped your body from the Gloom, and it's your will that holds it together. It's remarkable.

Because of this, you have powers you don't yet understand. Think to your recent battles. Have you seen flares of energy flowing from your fallen enemies?


Yes, actually... I have.

Lord Halar

These are echoes—fragments of the spiritual essence of your enemy, traces of who they were. As a Wayfinder you can fuse the echoes of your enemies into your own form.

You can only contain a certain level of energy within your form; too much and you could lose control. But each echo will enhance your capabilities in specific ways.

As you progress, you'll learn how to weave echoes into your weapons and even your relics. This is a crucial tool that can dramatically increase your power. I urge you to experiment with it!

I envy you, Wayfinder. I wish I could hold the essence of another creature in my hand and tap into a fraction of their strength and skill. It's a tremendous gift—try it now!

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