City on a Hill

City on a Hill
Category Quests
Type Main Story Quests
Rewards 50Resonance
Grey Gloomstone
5Small Weapon Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP
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Heart of Darkness Into the Unknown

City on a Hill is a main quest in Wayfinder.



Much has changed during your long absence. Omen would like you to get acquainted with the Seekers and other survivors in Skylight. Start with Wolf in the Great Hall.


The world has been consumed by the Gloom. If Skylight is to be saved, you must become a Wayfinder. Omen, leader of the Seekers, wants you to explore Skylight to meet your new allies and gather resources.



Clear Heart of Darkness.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Enter the Great Hall
  • Phase 2
    • Speak to Wolf
  • Phase 3
    • Speak to Lord Halar
  • Phase 4
    • Return to Omen


Start Quest

Your sacrifice—and that of the others—bought me the time I needed to light the Beacon, and the Beacon's light holds the Gloom at bay. It's the only reason we're alive.


What is the Gloom?


We still don't know. A year ago, the Eldren attacked us and extinguished the Beacon, and it was then that the Gloom began to spread. It corrupts and consumes reality.

The Beacon protects us, but beyond its light—the Gloom has swallowed the world, leaving only shadows and chaos. We don't know if anyone else has survived. That's why we need you.

You survived in the Gloom; you can do it again. With the tools you've been given you can cut through its shadows. You must be a Wayfinder.

We still know so little about the Gloom, and so much of the world has been lost to it. We need you to enter the Lost Zones, to find a path through the shadows.

You've been through an ordeal; I shouldn't burden you with this now. It's best you see what's left of Skylight, and meet the other Seekers.

You were a Seeker once—you've just forgotten. Before the Gloomfall we investigated ancient mysteries. Now, it's the Seekers who are working to keep Skylight and its people alive.


Where should I begin?


Go to the Great Hall, up above the plaza. Wolf will want to meet you. We'll talk again after you've met with him and Lord Halar.

Clear Phase 2

Welcome, Wayfinder. You honor us with your presence. I fought the Eldren during the attack, just as you did—but it was your sacrifice that saved Skylight.


It's all still a blur to me. Who are you?


Wolf. Before the Fall, I was an officer of the Avar Imperium. Now I command our forces, such as they are. There are all too many threats—Shrikes, Breaches—but you'll see for yourself soon enough.

We will have much to discuss in the days ahead. And we'll have quarters for you soon enough. Much of Skylight was devastated in the attack; the Builders are working as quickly as they can.

You have more important work ahead of you. But for now, find Lord Halar outside of the Great Hall. He'll get you ready for the tasks that lie ahead.

Clear Phase 3
Lord Halar

The new Wayfinder! Delightful! I am Lord Halar. As you know—my lands and the Dominion itself have been swallowed by the Gloom. But even now—especially now!—names matter.

I lead the arcanists among the Seekers. By necessity, we have focused our efforts on restoring Skylight. But it is my studies of the Gloom that can help you, not my knowledge of arcanic illumination!


What can you tell me about the Gloom?

Lord Halar

What we know for certain is that the Gloom alters flora and fauna, and never for the better. Where it lingers it can consume entire regions, leaving only shadows in the Gloom—what we call Lost Zones.

You were consumed by the Gloom, but you survived. Now you have the power to shape it, to some degree. The shard you've been given focuses this gift.

Only a Wayfinder can enter a Lost Zone. But this is just a glimmer of your full potential. If you can enforce your will upon the Gloom—perhaps, one day, we can undo the damage that has been done.

But I can only tell you of the Gloom. Omen can show you. Return to her near the Gloom Gate, Wayfinder—she will guide you in the next steps of your journey.

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