Ruins of Aurelian

Ruins of Aurelian
Category Quests
Type Main Story Quests
Rewards 1765Resonance
2Grey Gloomstone
235Memory Fragment
13Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP
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The Trial of Lingering Light Remnants of the Past

Ruins of Aurelian is a main quest in Wayfinder.



You must enter the Undercroft of Aurelian and discover what the Silver Codex was doing there. This unexplored region of the monastery lies beyond the Crossroads, surrounded by Ironstone Keep.


With the trial completed, it is time for you to enter the Undercroft of Aurelian, an unexplored region of the monastery. The Undercroft lies beyond the Crossroads Foundry, surrounded by Ironstone Keep.



Clear The Trial of Lingering Light.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Find the Entrance to the Undercroft near Ironstone Keep
  • Phase 2
    • Enter the Undercroft
  • Phase 3
    • Complete the Undercroft Expedition
  • Phase 4
    • Return to Omen


Start Quest

Other Wayfinders have explored the Codex Halls, but you will be the first to enter the echoes of the Undercroft... the heart of Aurelian. I'm almost afraid of what you may find.

The creed of the Avar Church warns of "Those Who Came Before"—mighty enemies of the Celestial Architects, ancient fiends who seek to tear down creation.

Magan says that the Silver Codex was working with these Precursors, that their First Scribe sought to seize the power of the Architects. And I wonder...

The creature who led the attack on Skylight... was it a Precursor? Did the Codex set the Fall in motion? Aurelian may hold the answers.

You'll find the entrance to the Undercroft in the Highlands, past Crossroads Foundry. Its entrance is surrounded by the ruined Ironstone Keep.

Be careful. Geartooth scavengers have claimed that region; we've tried to negotiate but they have no interest in peace. Be prepared for anything.

Clear Phase 1

I can hear the sounds of battle ahead—faint, but clear.

Clear Phase 2

Curious. I've never been in Aurelian, but this place feels... familiar to me. Let us see what you can find.

Clear Phase 3

The enemies you encountered in the Undercroft were unusual—some sort of remnant. I need to analyze your findings.

Clear Quest

The remnants you encountered in Aurelian were a flawed form of echo. They have the memories of the dead, but they aren't truly alive; they can only replay their past.


Why did they attack me?


We know that Aurelian was attacked just before it was destroyed. These remnants are reliving their final hours, fighting for their lives against a deadly enemy.

We only saw monks and soldiers, not the invaders they're fighting. We need to know more!

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