Tangled Webs

Tangled Webs
Category Quests
Type Main Story Quests
Rewards 150Resonance
Grey Gloomstone
100Memory Fragment
10Small Weapon Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP
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The Descent Controlling the Chaos

Tangled Webs is a main quest in Wayfinder.



Omen has tasked you with finding a Breach in the Highlands and entering the Codex Halls. She wants you to investigate a mystery in Aurelian.


Omen is sending you on an expedition into the ruins of Aurelian. There's an unusual threat that needs to be investigated. Find the Breach needed to enter the Codex Halls; you will learn more once you've reached the ruins.



Clear The Descent.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Find the Codex Halls Breach
  • Phase 2
    • Light the Signal Fire Near the Codex Halls Breach
  • Phase 3
    • Enter the Codex Halls Breach
  • Phase 4
    • Destroy Crystal Webbing in Aurelian
  • Phase 5
    • Speak to Lord Halar in Skylight


Start Quest

As a Wayfinder, you alone can chart a path through the Gloom. But you possess powers and skills beyond those of the Watchers and Rangers, and we must all stand together if any of us are to survive.

Many will ask you for help, and I hope you will assist those in need. But it's up to you to prioritize those requests, and to use your time wisely.

Right now I need you return to the Codex Halls and get to the bottom of a mystery. We'll discuss it further once you're inside the ruins.

Clear Phase 1

Hold a moment. Before you enter, bind your blade to the signal fire nearby. This way you can easily return, should you need to.

Clear Phase 2

A previous expedition discovered unnatural, deadly spiders in the shadows of Aurelian. Lord Halar believes these aren't spontaneous creations of the Gloom—they're tied to the Silver Codex's work.

Did the Codex somehow harness the Gloom decades before the Fall and use it to cause mutations? We need answers. Search for spiders and see what you can find.


How did you learn about these spiders?


You aren't the only Wayfinder. You'll meet the others eventually. Now, go. There's work to be done.

Clear Phase 3

The spiders craft crystaline webs. Shatter any that you find. Lord Halar can analyze the residue.

Clear Phase 4

Well done. Now return to Lord Halar so he can analyze the residue of the webs.

Clear Quest
Lord Halar

One moment, Wayfinder. I need to balance the arcanic pressure in this phial... There! Now, what have you brought for me?


Fragments of the crystaline webs from Aurelian.

Lord Halar

Yes... Yes! These creatures were altered with arcanic power—Shadow, certainly, perhaps a hint of Chaos? But this isn't the random work of the Gloom. This shows INTENTION.

The Codex were monks of the Imperium! They couldn't have done this. Even if they knew how, working with the element of Shadow is anathema in the Avar faith. I must know more.

Wayfinder, you must find the source of this. But to do so, we must accelerate your training. You must learn to shape the Gloom.

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