Shadows Over Deepwood

Shadows Over Deepwood
Category Quests
Type Main Story
Rewards 3875Resonance
Blue Gloomstone
385Memory Fragment
18Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP
Storm Twins Gloomtrace Fragment
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The Shrouded Woods The Devil You Know

Shadows Over Deepwood is a main quest in Wayfinder.



You must find a way to stop the Reaver King. Since Graymourn refuses to help, you will need to meet with Warden Rust and develop a new strategy.


You must find a way to stop the Reaver King. Since Graymourn refuses to help, you will need to meet with Warden Rust and develop a new strategy.


When speaking with Warden Rust, the Reaver King seized control of your connection with Omen. He intends to seize control of the Beacon and use its power to twist the land. With this new information, you were able convince Graymourn to help.



Clear The Shrouded Woods.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.




Start Quest

Return to Warden Rust. Despite this unfortunate turn, we still need to learn more about the threat posed by these Reavers and their king.

Clear Phase 1
Warden Rust

I told you to leave that woman alone. Let me guess—she wanted you to do something for her that involved bones? Or blood?


What do you know about her?

Warden Rust

Graymourn's older than Deepwood. She was here when we built the Holt, said she wanted to watch our story unfold. Some folk tried to make her leave—it didn't end well.

But when it suits her... I've seen her heal the sick. And the survivors believe the Reavers are afraid of her—that her presence has kept them all alive.


What do you know about the Reavers?

Warden Rust

They're monsters, driven by some sort of bestial force. There were other people in the Frostmarch—the Woodwen, peaceful folk—seems the Reavers slaughtered them before they came for us.


Wayfinder a— there? The Beacon... –thing's wrong...

Aturach, The Reaver King

What is this? Voices in the Gloom. A passage, thoughts flowing into the mind of my prey. I see you, Seekers, scurrying like ants before my approaching boot.

You cluster around your Beacon, hiding in its light. It will not last. I have my hooks in your precious Beacon, and I shall claim its light and hollow out what's left of your world.


Who are you?

Aturach, The Reaver King

I am Aturach the Deathless. King of the Hollow Heart. I am your doom. I will slaughter the old witch and Marrow will feast on her bones. And then I will break you and cast you back into the Gloom.


...finder... hear me? ... you there?


I can hear you! What happened?


We were attacked. The Beacon—I felt something, someone fighting me for control. I tried to break the connection to the Balefire but I can't! I drove it—him—away, but I can still feel him out there.

I don't understand how this is possible—what sort of creature this Reaver King is. Graymourn. We need to know what she knows. You have to find a way to convince her to help us!

Clear Quest

Before the Gloom, before Deepwood Holt, the Frostmarch was home to the Woodwen. Warriors and mystics, they understood the primal mysteries and honored the ancient powers.

Aturach was the last leader of the Woodwen. He was a good king; he followed the old ways, but chose to coexist with you outsiders. To allow Deepwood Holt to thrive.

Then your Gloom swept over our land. You've seen the shroud, but the Heart of the Wood—the sacred grove where mystics commune with the ancient powers—was lost to the darkness.

Aturach gathered his champions and entered that Lost Zone. But when he returned—he'd abandoned the old ways. He embraced the Gloom and the power it offered.

The warriors who'd accompanied the king returned cruel, feral and bloodthirsty. The corruption within them spread to the rest of my people. Once they were the Woodwen; now they are the Reavers.

I thought Aturach had just turned on the outsiders, that he'd decided you had no place in our lands. I thought the Reavers might still be my kin. I was wrong.

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