The Pyro Betrayer

The Pyro Betrayer
Category Quests
Type Side Story Quests
Repeatable False
Rewards 2715Resonance
280Memory Fragment
7Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
1000Reward Tower XP

The Pyro Betrayer is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



The next Shrike of Murderer's Row is the arsonist of the crew. The Firebrand should be somewhere in the Bloodworks. Track him down and put an end to this deadly firebug.


The next Shrike on the Betrayed's list is the Firebrand, who has been burning down homes in the Highlands. Using a Solar Imbuement on your next Expedition into the Mines will bring him out of hiding.


The Firebrand has been eliminated. Without that pyromaniac's resolve, the rest of Murderer's Row won't be burning down homes anytime soon.



Clear The Mad Bomber Betrayer.

Start quest[edit]

Talk to Old Kite during The Pit Expedition.


  1. The Noxious Betrayer
  2. The Lavish Betrayer
  3. The Mad Bomber Betrayer
  4. The Pyro Betrayer
  5. The Gloomtouched Betrayer
  6. The Would-Be Successors


  • Phase 1
    • Find the Firebrand in the Bloodworks Using a Solar Imbuement
  • Phase 2
    • Kill the Firebrand in the Bloodworks Using a Solar Imbuement
  • Phase 3
    • Return to Old Kite in the Pit


Start Quest
Old Kite

I figured out some of Kulgar's notes. His plan was to put a bomb in the Great Hall in Skylight to show the Shrikes weren't to be messed with.

He was planning on teaming up with Heit, the one who goes by the name "Firebrand." Heit was our crew's main muscle.

Our gang ran into a lot of young rakes who thought they were killers. But nobody's tough when they wake up in a burning house. When they would flee outside, Heit and the goons were waiting.

Warden Hass put a bounty on Heit, but once he started taking Godsblood, no one dared try for it. When he was a member of my crew, I was able to keep him from burning down Skylight. Now... who knows?


Where can I find him?

Old Kite

Still in the mines. There are places deep in the Bloodworks that are so hot you feel like you could melt a metal vein right off the wall. That's where you'll find him.


Consider it done.

Clear Phase 1
The Firebrand

An interloper! I wonder how your flesh will smell when I char it off your bones...

Clear Phase 2

Now we're cooking!

Clear Quest
Old Kite

I can smell burnt clothes on you. You fought Heit... and won. What was the expression on his face?


He was a little put out. Is that the end of them?

Old Kite

Almost. I think it's time to cut off the head of the snake. The one who led the men who betrayed me.

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