Resource Management

Resource Management
Category Quests
Type Side Story
Repeatable False
Rewards 200Resonance
100Memory Fragment
5Small Wayfinder Resonance Cache
1000Reward Tower XP

Resource Management is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



The Shrikes are running rampant and stealing important resources throughout Lower Skylight. Defeat them and take back as many supplies as you can.


The Shrike Syndicate has the city in a stranglehold; they've begun stripping the city of everything that isn't nailed down and stealing crucial supplies. Warden Hass wants you to thin the number of Shrikes in Lower Skylight and take back any stolen supplies you can find.


You managed to take back important supplies the Shrikes had stolen from Skylight, but Warden Hass is concerned about some of the strange goods they were hoarding.



Clear The Descent.

Start quest[edit]

Talk to Warden Hass in the Highlands.


  1. Resource Management
  2. Energy Crisis
  3. Faction Fight


  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3


Start Quest
Warden Hass

Ah, our hero returns from beyond the Gloom. Per chance, have you visited Lower Skylight during your labors as of yet? If not, I feel that I should forewarn you.


Warn me about what?

Warden Hass

This part of the city is overrun with bandits. Shrikes, they're called.

When I was in the Imperial army working with common thieves and bandits would have been unacceptable. However, in the days following the Fall, we accepted whatever aid we could find.

The Shrike Syndicate burned any allyship with Skylight when they betrayed us and seized the mines. But until recently, they at least refrained from murdering travelers in the streets.

Now they've cut us off from Lower Skylight entirely and have begun stripping the city of everything that isn't nailed down.

We need those supplies. The Watchers, the Seekers, even Lord Halar—his royal pretention himself—cannot survive without them.

You're more than likely to be surrounded down there, but I need you to thin out that scum congregating below. If we're lucky, maybe you can even steal some of our stolen supplies back.

Clear Phase 1
Warden Hass

Good. The less of those thieves running about, the better. Sift through their contraband. I doubt much will be useful, but I've a contact that can turn garbage to gold.

Clear Phase 2
Warden Hass

Fantastic job. It's as if the Arcs sent you themselves! Bring those supplies to me and I'll debrief you.

Clear Quest
Warden Hass

You did exemplary work out there. In times past, I would've put you in for a commendation. Of course, the Imperial army fell with everything else, so I hope you'll settle for the city's gratitude.

That being said, I can't make heads or tails as to why they stole these. The Shrikes aren't ones to scout an area before charging in. And why would they need to ship Godsblood out of the Highlands?

I have something of a contact. An expert when it comes to the more unsavory institutions of the world. She charges an arm and a leg for consultations, but… I suppose I'll have to eat the cost.

When I get ahold of her, I'll try and flag you down. Oh, and we'll need a good place to offload those supplies. Until then, hold onto them for me. Arcs be with you, Wayfinder.

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