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Name Description
Max Health Max number of hit points before your character enters Gloom Grasp. Gloom Grasp is a bleed out state where your character will be downed and cannot perform normal actions. While in Gloom Grasp, an ally player can revive you, or you can use a revival consumable item if you have one equipped.
Resilience The higher the Resilience, the more Break damage your character can take before their Guard is broken. While Guard Broken, incoming hits will cause your character to stagger, interrupting actions.
Weapon Power Increases the damage of Weapon Attacks and Weapon Abilities.
Ability Power Increases the damage of and effectiveness of Character Abilities.
Crit Rating Increases the chance of an attack being a Critical Hit. Critical Hits deal an additional 50% damage. Against an equal power level enemy: Crit Chance from Crit Rating: xx.xx%
Crit Power Added to damage dealt as additional Weapon Power and Ability Power when landing a Critical Hit.
Break Power Guard Break damage dealt to enemies.
Phys Defense Mitigates Weapon Power from enemies. Against an equal power level enemy: Physical Damage Mitigation: xx.xx%
Mag Defense Mitigates Ability Power from enemies. Against an equal power level enemy: Magical Damage Mitigation: xx.xx%

Stats calculation[edit]

The formula for calculating stats of an object (Wayfinder, accessory, or weapon) is:

Stats calculation formula


  • Base Stats - The value of a specific base stats of an object, e.g. Max Health
    • This value is not shown in-game, but can be seen on the object's wiki page
  • Total Base Stats - Cumulative value of all base stats of an object
    • If the object is a heroic Wayfinder, then the value is using their base Wayfinder's value, not their own
  • Scaling - Represents the power increase of an object through level and other factor
    • This value is not shown in-game, but can be seen on the object's wiki page
    • Scaling can be calculated by adding up all three stats scaling:
Scaling calculation formula
  • Budget & Display Multiplier - Each stats have static multipliers applied to it:
Stats Budget Multiplier Display Multiplier
Max Health 7.5 1
Resilience 4.5 2
Weapon Power 1.125 10
Ability Power 1.125 10
Crit Rating 1.125 10
Crit Power 0.9 10
Break Power 1.125 10
Phys Defense 1.875 10
Mag Defense 1.875 10
  • Affinity - The object's stats of matching affinity is increased in linear manner, e.g. 10% affinity increases stats by 10%. Wayfinder Affinity affects all objects, while Weapon Affinity affects weapon only. If the object is a weapon, both affinities are added up

Damage calculation[edit]

The formula for calculating damage is:

Damage calculation formula


  • Stats - Stats used depends on the attack type:
    • Weapon Power - Normal attacks and weapon abilities
      • Active Reload Bonus - 1.5x Weapon Power after hitting Hotspot Reload
    • Ability Power - Character abilities
    • Break Power - All attacks. It reduces enemy's Resilience but doesn't deal damage
    • Crit Power - On Critical Hit, the value of Crit Power is added into the appropriate stats
    • Note: certain skills or passives might use stats on a different type of attack than usual
  • Stats Display Multiplier - All damage stats share the same Display Multiplier, which is 10
  • Attack Modifier - Each attack has its own modifier
    • This value is not shown in-game, but can be seen on the object's wiki page
  • Combo Bonus - Starts at 1. Accumulated hits within short period increases combo, up to 3 on Dual Daggers, or 2 on other weapons
  • Critical Hit Bonus - 0.5 on Critical Hit, otherwise 0
  • Other Multiplier - Other damage multipliers, calculated multiplicatively with each other:
    • Resilience Multiplier - 0.75x if the target has Resilience. This is calculated regardless if their guard is broken or not
    • Guard Broken Multiplier - 1.33x during Guard Broken. This value might change depending on Resilience Piercing, i.e. for weapons with 0.5 resililience pierce it is (1+0.33*0.5) when guard isnt broken, and (1+0.33) when guard is broken.

Defense calculation[edit]

Damage taken from an attack is (rawdmg-0.01*defense)*0.75 if you have resilience active, i.e. defenses are not useful against high damage attacks. On December 14 the defense calculation was modified to change the modifier from 0.01 to something around 0.025 +-/0.001, i.e. (rawdmg-0.025*defense)*0.75

As of 2024/02/24, a good approximation for the defense calculation in the game is def%=0.12*(min(max(Def/PR,0), 2.0833333333333335))+ (0.072)*min(max(Def/PR-2.0833333333333335, 0), 2.0833333333333335) + 0.048*max(Def/PR-4.166666666666668, 0) , where PR is the PR of the dungeon. This formula matches the defense display in-game exactly, but may not work if the enemies in a dungeon level up due to gloom abushes.

There is also a multiplicative 30 % damage reduction for melee weapons now. This damage reduction is included in the in-game tooltip.

Power rating[edit]

The game calculates a power rating that is usually used to scale your stats down by multiplying all of them by a ratio of intended_PR/your_PR, so if your PR is higher than the intended PR of a dungeon, this results in your stats being less effective. Since PR is not a good representation of actual power, shedding stats such as defense that increase PR can indirectly increase your damage by lowering your power rating.

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