Wayfinder takes place in Evenor, which is divided into several regions. Many of those regions were swallowed by the Gloom, turning them into Lost Zones.

Social Hub[edit]


Named for the Great Beacon whose light shields us from the Gloom, Skylight itself acts as our last light in a world of encroaching dark. In the time before the Fall it was the greatest city in the Westreach, bolstered by the godsblood mines in the surrounding hills. Scholars and arcanists tinkered with discoveries both old and new.



Nestled within the Westreach—a region claimed by both the Avar Imperium and the Maze—The Highlands knew strife long before Gloomfall shattered the rest of Evenor's lands. In fact it was the Empire which first fortified Skylight and established the Codex Monasteries, whose ruins now litter the region's mountainside.

Deepwood Holt

The Frostmarch is the ancestral home of the Woodwen, a culture rooted in ancient primal magic. The Woodwen fiercely resisted the Avar Imperium's expansion, but in the last century the Woodwen king allowed a group of Avar settlers to establish a peaceful lumber community, Deepwood Holt.

Lost Zones[edit]


Equal parts library, temple, and arcane workshop, Aurelian was once a monastery for the Order of the Silver Codex. Originally founded as an Imperial outpost in a dangerous frontier, the ruins of Aurelian boast imposing fortifications which loom over the Highlands. Rumor tells that the monastery was abandoned during the height of the Mazewars.

The Deep

Sweat and ichor. It is said the godsblood mines are where the desperate go to die. In truth? It is where the greedy turn a profit. At the expense of all else. Colloquially called the Deep, the caverns and caves of the Highlands are rich in the arcanic fuel known as godsblood. In the months following Gloomfall, the Shrikes moved into the godsblood mines.

Reaver Woods

The howling wind of the Frostmarch brings a chill that no cooking fire can ease. Three tribes dwelled here, the Riverden, Stonegren, and Woodwen, tapping into ancient primal powers and communing with the spirits of the land. Though the Riverden and Stonegren perished, the Woodwen defied the Imperium, and battled them to a standstill.

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