“Your zeal is noted, Initiate. And we have much more research to recover...”
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A view of the Highlands from Skylight.

Evenor is the world of Wayfinder, created by the Celestial Architects. The first known inhabitants of Evenor were powerful entities known as the Precursors, the children of the Architects. Across Evenor are the Beacons, arcanic towers filled with elemental energy that can be utilized by Arcanists. Due to their importance, much of civilization is built around these Beacons.


A Beacon over Skylight.

At some point, the Precursors challenged their creators for rule over Evenor and the Architects' power.[1] The outcome of this conflict is ambiguous, but human records conclude that the Arcs were victorious. After this event, the Arcs departed from Evenor, not before gifting the land with the Beacons. Thus, Evenor would lay in the hands of it current inhabitants.

In the current day, Evenor has been ravaged by the Gloom, an overwhelming and dark force that consumes the land and tears at reality. Some speculate that surviving Precursors unleashed the Gloom upon the world to aid them in conquering Evenor once more. With the Architects nowhere to be seen, humanity was left to fend for themselves against the darkness. Civilization fell apart as many locations were swallowed by the Gloom, while the survivors would fight amongst themselves for dwindling supplies and land.

Shortly after the events of the Gloomfall, the Wayfinders would emerge from the Gloom; echoes of past heroes that died to it. These Wayfinders venture into the Gloom, exploring the Lost Zones within and reconnecting society.


A number of kingdoms and societies were built across Evenor, with many of them afflicted by the Gloom.

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