Avar Imperium

“Your zeal is noted, Initiate. And we have much more research to recover...”
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The Avar Imperium, also known as the Imperials and the Empire, is or was one of the human nations of Evenor. Their capital city is the Avar Throne, an industrial city built around one of the Beacons. The Empire's fate after the apocalyptic events of the Gloomfall is currently unknown.


The Empire was likely founded after the war between the Architects and the Precursors, as the Avar Throne was built around the Beacons that were created after that war. The nation may have existed prior to the Throne, but it would have been much less powerful given the lack of influence of a Beacon.

At some point, the Empire went to war against another nation, The Maze, initiating the Mazewar.



The Archons were the defenders of the Empire, and dedicated their faith to the Celestial Architects. They fought against enemies of the Imperium, such as the Maze during the Mazewar. However, it appears they harbor some darker secrets, such as their actions against the monks at Aurelian.

Order of the Silver Codex[edit]

Located at the Aurelian monastery, the Avar Order of the Silver Codex were monks dedicated to studying the arcanic energies of Evenor. During the Mazewar, the monastery went empty, rumored to be caused by a massacre by Archon hands.

Notable People[edit]

Known Creations[edit]

  • Radiant Dawn, a sword & shield used by the first Archon inquisitor.
  • Colossus, a greatsword bestowed to the champion of the Avar Arena, notably wielded by Senja.
  • Harvest Moon, a pair of daggers found within Aurelian ruins, presumably crafted by the Order.
  • Arcstorm, a rifle custom-build for Archon Astalis.

Documented Works[edit]

Avar Creed[edit]

The Avar Creed is a document referenced by Wingrave.[2] Little is known about its author, but it is noted to have described terrible creatures.

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