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Wayfinder is a character-based, online action role playing game.

You’ll choose from a variety of characters to control, each with unique play styles and abilities and harness their power to defend against enemies that seek to destroy their beloved world.

You can endlessly customize your adventures, making no two the same. Explore dungeons, hunt beasts, and battle enemies with friends to gather crafting materials for weapons, housing, augments and more that will be of utmost importance in strengthening your character and pushing back a hostile force called the Gloom.

Wayfinders are stronger together. From adventuring with friends to adding your house and its powerful buffs to a neighborhood, all of your social interactions, character and housing progression are tied together by the most important thread... each other.

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Timed content

Seasonal content: Founder's Season 1
August 17th, 2023 - TBA


Latest version: (Build #159036)



It’s been a week since we launched our biggest update yet, The Reaver King! We hope that you have had a chance to jump in and unravel the mysteries of the Hollow Heart and its twisted enemies that lurk within. This update comes with four new Main Story Quests, two new Hunts, new weapons to arm yourselves with and more.

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Hello, Wayfinders! We know nerfs are never fun, but we see these as necessary steps to achieve our goal of healthy long-term gameplay. Today we’re going to be adjusting some of the current extreme outliers, along with a small improvement to Hellswarm’s ability. In the near future, we’ll be further developing the identity and feel of each rifle sub-type, improve underperforming weapons, and improve the viability of choosing Defensive Stats & Ability Power in builds.

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The Reaver King is available tomorrow October 31 across all platforms. In our biggest update yet, log in and explore a mysterious realm that has emerged, teeming with new formidable foes.

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