Reward Tower

An example of Reward Tower floor

The Reward Tower provides additional rewards for completing in-game content. There are two towers, which are based on Wayfinders: Venomess and Grendel. They are accessible at the start of the game.

How it works[edit]

Various gameplay elements will give Reward Tower experience, e.g. finishing expeditions, picking up Memory Fragments, opening chests, clearing quests, etc. Leveling up requires 10,000 Reward Tower experience, and it doesn't scale up with level.

With every level up, you will earn a key that can be used to unlock connected rooms in the tower. Once unlocked, the room will give you reward and you may unlock any adjacent rooms, allowing you to advance further up the tower. The tower is split into several floors and their paths are not linear. You may choose which path to take depending on which reward you want to work towards unlocking.

Each tower has 100 rooms to unlock, spread over 5 floors. That's a total of 200 keys required to unlock all rewards.

Venomess Reward Tower[edit]

Grendel Reward Tower[edit]

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