Radiant Dawn

Radiant Dawn
Radiant Dawn
Category Weapons
Type Guardian Melee
Subtype Sword & Shield

Radiant Dawn is a Sword & Shield weapon in Wayfinder.

The tools of the first Archon Inquisitor. The blade was forged to strike down evil, the shield to protect the innocent from harm.


Archon's Blade
Archon's Blade
Empowers the sword and shield with radiant energy. Extends damage and range of melee attacks, and empowers blocking to greatly reduce incoming stamina damage.


Base stats

Stats Value Affinity
Max Health
Weapon Power 16 Instinct
Ability Power 16 Focus
Crit Rating 16 Instinct
Crit Power 16 Discipline
Break Power 16 Focus
Phys Defense 16 Discipline
Mag Defense
Total 96

Stats scaling

Scaling type Value
Level 14.4
Total (Level 30) 417.6


Rare resources
Mythic Awakening Essence 3 Complete bounties to earn Mythical Weapon Essences, which can be used to attain high levels of weapon awakening.
Remnant Nexus 9 Unique crafting resource found by overcoming the Trial of Lingering light. Used to craft weapons, relics and consumables.
Archon's Prisma 18 Unique crafting resource found by defeating the Archon Commander. Used to craft weapons, relics and consumables.
Halcyon Orb 9 Unique resource found by completing events in the Ruins.Used to craft characters, weapons, relics and consumables.
Gem of Avarice 18 Unique crafting resource, hoarded by the Loot Goblin. Used to craft characters, weapons, and relics.
Common resources
Shadow-Warped Spectra 140 Used in Tier 1 crafting recipes. Found in Lost Zones when one Shadow mutator is active.
Verdant Spectra 280 Used in Tier 1 crafting recipes. Found in the Highlands.
Silver Spectra 2205 Used in Weapon, Relic, and Consumable Crafting. Found in Aurelian
Gold 73800 Currency of the realm. Acquired from enemies, chests and events.


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