Affinity refers to three aspects: Instinct, Discipline, and Focus. Affinity works differently for Wayfinders, Weapons, and Accessories, but will synergize with each other at all times.

Wayfinder Affinity[edit]

For Wayfinders, each Affinity can be leveled up to enhance bonus statistics of the same Affinity aspect from Weapons and Accessories, as well as providing Wayfinder-unique perks once certain Affinity levels have been reached. Each Affinity rank requires Affinity Points, Gloomstones, and Gold, with each rank providing a +1% bonus, up to a max of +15%. One Affinity Point is earn per level, for a maximum of 29 points at max level.

Each Wayfinder also has unique Affinity Perks that are unlocked once an Affinity aspect reaches 5 and 15. These perks are different for each Wayfinder and can be found on their respective pages.

Upgrading one Affinity from 0 to 15 will require a total of 30Grey Gloomstone, 34Blue Gloomstone, 3Red Gloomstone, and Gold 26250.

Level Gloomstones Gold
1 None None
2 2Grey Gloomstone Gold 250
3 4Grey Gloomstone Gold 500
4 6Grey Gloomstone Gold 750
5 8Grey Gloomstone Gold 1000
6 10Grey Gloomstone Gold 1250
7 1Blue Gloomstone Gold 1500
8 2Blue Gloomstone Gold 1750
9 3Blue Gloomstone Gold 2000
10 4Blue Gloomstone Gold 2250
11 6Blue Gloomstone Gold 2500
12 8Blue Gloomstone Gold 2750
13 10Blue Gloomstone Gold 3000
14 1Red Gloomstone Gold 3250
15 2Red Gloomstone Gold 3500

Weapon Affinity[edit]

Increasing a weapon's Affinity will increase the bonus statistics of the associated Affinity aspect. For example, upgrading the Vanguard's Instinct will only increase the Resilience and Weapon Power bonuses. Only Gloomstones and Gold are required to upgrade weapon Affinities, up to a max of 10. The weapon's statistics are then boosted by the Wayfinder’s Affinity levels.

Upgrading one Affinity from 0 to 10 will require a total of 30Grey Gloomstone, 30Blue Gloomstone, and Gold 27500. Upgrading all three Affinities from 0 to 10 will require 90Grey Gloomstone, 90Blue Gloomstone, and Gold 82500.

Level Gloomstones Gold
1 2Grey Gloomstone Gold 500
2 4Grey Gloomstone Gold 1000
3 6Grey Gloomstone Gold 1500
4 8Grey Gloomstone Gold 2000
5 10Grey Gloomstone Gold 2500
6 2Blue Gloomstone Gold 3000
7 4Blue Gloomstone Gold 3500
8 6Blue Gloomstone Gold 4000
9 8Blue Gloomstone Gold 4500
10 10Blue Gloomstone Gold 5000

Accessory Affinity[edit]

Affinity on accessories cannot be upgraded, and simply have bonus statistics associated to one or more Affinity aspects, similar to weapons. Likewise, these statistics will be enhanced by the Wayfinder's Affinity levels.

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