Instinct, Discipline, Focus

Instinct, Discipline, Focus
Category Quests
Type Priority Quests
Rewards 100Resonance
Character Affinity Unlocked

Instinct, Discipline, Focus is a priority quest in Wayfinder.



Kestrel wants to share techniques that will help you become more powerful.


Kestrel taught you the old Shrike principles of Instinct, Discipline, and Focus. She believes you can use these techniques to strengthen yourself beyond what you previously thought possible.



Clear Into the Pit.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.


  • Phase 1
    • Speak to Kestrel in Lower Skylight


Start Quest

Before you go, I've got something else that may interest you. Fancy another chat?

Clear Quest

The Shrikes weren't always the bottom feeders you see guzzling godsblood out there. There was a time when we were the champions of the Westreach, defying Empire and Maze alike.

We didn't have the numbers or the resources of the mighty nations, but we learned how to push beyond our limits, make the most with what we had. "Instinct, Discipline, Focus"—the Vex taught us that.

Sometimes you need clear focus to overcome your enemy; sometimes you need to strike blindly and trust your instincts. Master all three and you'll be a true terror.

You're fighting to save us all. So how's this: I'll show you the tricks we used to hone our skills, and you'll keep the spirit of the true Shrikes alive, yeah? At least we'll be making a difference.


It's a deal. Show me.

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