The Archon Assault

The Archon Assault
Category Quests
Type Main Story
Rewards 2235Resonance
3Grey Gloomstone
265Memory Fragment
14Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP
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Remnants of the Past Fallen Archon

The Archon Assault is a main quest in Wayfinder.



Omen believes the secrets of the Codex are locked in the Repository of Knowledge, but you need a connection. Use the trace to complete a Hunt against the Archon Commander.


It appears the Avar Church caught wind of the Silver Codex's experiments with Shadow and Chaos; they sent a detachment of Imperial Archons to cull the heresies. Omen wants you to use the trace to complete a Hunt against the leader of the Imperial forces, the Archon Commander. Learn what brought the Archons to Aurelian.


You ventured into the Undercroft and defeated the Archon Commander, leader of the Imperial incursion into Aurelian. However, you haven't found a connection to the Repository of Knowledge. The false monk Magan may have the answers you need.



Clear Remnants of the Past.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Craft the Archon Commander Gloomtrace
  • Phase 2
    • Enter the Archon Commander Hunt
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4
    • Leave the Hunt
  • Phase 5


Start Quest

I should have seen it sooner. The Silver Codex was working with Shadow and Chaos. They were bargaining with ancient spirits. In the eyes of the Avar church, these are vile heresies.

The Archons are the champions of the Imperial church. They fight monsters and fiends... and punish heretics. Even so, I've never heard of them carrying out such a massacre.

It's possible that the Codex posed such a grave threat that it was the only solution. Or perhaps the First gave them no choice. But there's a crucial question: what cast Aurelian into the Gloom?

We always thought it was the attackers who did this. Now I believe it was the First herself—that she was working with the Gloom, until the attack unleashed it and destroyed them all.


How does that help us?


The First may not have been able to control the Gloom. But if we can recover her work and refine it—we might be able to drive the Gloom back and rebuild what we've lost.

The First must have an arcane workshop deeper within Aurelian, a Repository of Knowledge where she conducted her most important experiments. I'm sure of it. And you must find it.


Where do I begin?


We need you to press deeper into Aurelian and the Gloom. But to do that, you need a connection. Lord Halar had a few ideas.

Lord Halar

Yes, yes! You see, the Archons stopped the First Scribe. THEY must have entered her vault. They must have known where it was.


And they're all dead.

Lord Halar

But their remnants remain! Hmm, remnants remain—I like that. The remnants continue to fight their final battles. We just need to weave you into that story!


How do we do that?

Lord Halar

Each remnant is just a thread, but I've pieced together a tapestry! I've crafted a Gloomtrace from all of the remnants you've battled. This should take you to a crucial moment of the battle.

Use it! See where it takes you! See what the Archons are hiding!

Clear Phase 2
Archon Faith

Commander Creed! The Codex Halls have been pacified. We're moving on the Undercroft.

Archon Commander

Move quickly, Faith. We must find the Conflux Arc.

Burn in the light, heretic!

Your foul allies have made you strong, but the light will always triumph over darkness.

You can still turn back from this. Surrender and I'll make your death quick and clean!

Clear Phase 3

This must have been the moment Aurelian collapsed into the Gloom.

Archon Faith

Commander! The arcanic levels are rising. They're charging the Conflux!

Archon Commander

Archon Magan—why have you abandoned your post? Do you know what you've done?

Take comfort in the light! The Architects are always with us. The Arc—

Clear Phase 4

The commander called for "Archon Magan." Not Brother Magan... Archon. Go to the Crossroads and get answers.

Clear Quest

We meet again, Wayfinder. No luck with the Trial of Lingering Light?


You lied to me. Didn't you?


Lied? I... I don't know what you mean.


I heard voices in the Gloom. The Archons knew you.


You… Of course. I suppose it was too much to hope I could hide from this forever.

I am sorry, Wayfinder. I did not want to lie to you, but the truth… The truth is a shame that will stain my soul for as long as I live.

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