Distress Beacon

Distress Beacon
Category Quests
Type Main Story
Rewards 680Resonance
Grey Gloomstone
145Memory Fragment
10Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP
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Walking in Shadows The Fallen Shrike

Distress Beacon is a main quest in Wayfinder.



Omen has suggested you find the smuggler, Kestrel, to learn more about the Trial of Lingering Light. Go to the Bitter End tavern to search for leads.


In order to learn what the monks were truly doing in Aurelian, you will need access to the Undercroft, which means you must complete the Trial of Lingering Light. Omen has suggested you find the smuggler, Kestrel, to learn more about this rite. Ask around the Bitter End tavern in Skylight.


The Tavern Keeper, Wren, told you a Warden in the Lower City might be able to help you find Kestrel. Warden Hass initially denied knowing the smuggler but it seems she may be able to help, provided you keep a low profile.



Clear Walking in Shadows.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.




Clear Phase 1
Tavern Patron

A Wayfinder? Shouldn't you be out saving the world?


I'm looking for Kestrel.

Tavern Patron

Kestrel? The Shrike who emptied the Imperial treasury? Surely she died in the Fall.

Enthusiastic Patron

Of couse she survived! The Fall couldn't kill Kestrel. The way I heard it, she's the only reason Omen survived the attack.

Other Tavern Patron

You talking about Kestrel? I heard she has a hideout in the Bloodworks mine, filled with Avar gold.


But where can I FIND Kestrel?

Disgruntled Patron

Don't believe anything this lot says. If anyone knows where to find Kestrel, it's the bartender. I hear Kestrel gave her a bottle of Firebreath Brandy stolen from a Dominion prince.

Clear Phase 2
Tavern Keeper Wren

Always a delight to see a new Wayfinder at the Bitter End! What can I do for you? If you're chasing rumors, I'm just the person you need... The tavern's where all rumors come to roost, after all.


Do you know Kestrel?

Tavern Keeper Wren

By reputation. Kestrel was one of the original Shrikes. Today they're rabid bandits, but there was a time when the Shrikes were heroes of the Highlands, playing Maze and Empire alike for fools.

Before the Fall, Kestrel was the slipperiest smuggler in the Westreach. I still have a bottle of blood sherry she carried through the Maze—don't tell Wolf.


I won't.

Tavern Keeper Wren

Most think Kestrel died in the Fall, but I think she's still making sure people get what they need. But Wolf, little Lord Halar—she tricked them in the past, and they'd never trust her in Skylight.

If you're serious about making contact, I'd take a jaunt down the Great Lift and speak with the Warden. They say she and Kestrel are... acquainted, as it were. Good luck.

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