Whispers on the Wind

Whispers on the Wind
Category Quests
Type Side Story
Repeatable False
Rewards 3391Resonance
340Memory Fragment
9Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
1000Reward Tower XP

Whispers on the Wind is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



The Huntmaster wants you to slay the Whisperer that stalks you. He has given you a lure to trap the beast, but it needs to be laid in the Gloom, inside the Repository of Knowledge.


The Huntmaster has given you a Gloom Lure. Enter the Repository of Knowledge using two Shadow imbuements, place the Lure to draw out the Whisperer, and then slay the creature to be free of it, once and for all.


You drew out and fought the Whisperer, forcing it to retreat into the Gloom. Though it lived, you removed a chunk of its armor that may be the key to defeating it for good.



Clear A Worthy Opponent.

Start quest[edit]

Talk to The Huntmaster in Skylight.


  1. A Worthy Opponent
  2. Whispers on the Wind
  3. The Lair of the Whisperer



Clear Phase 1
The Huntmaster

It seems we shall make a hunter of you yet! The beast has fled, but... see that chipped armor plate from its hide—bring it to me!

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