The Trial of Lingering Light

The Trial of Lingering Light
Category Quests
Type Main Story Quests
Rewards 1535Resonance
2Grey Gloomstone
220Memory Fragment
Lightborne Right
11Medium Weapon Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP
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A Bargain at the Crossroads Ruins of Aurelian

The Trial of Lingering Light is a main quest in Wayfinder.



You must complete the Trial of Lingering Light so you can reach the Undercroft and learn more about what the Silver Codex was doing in Aurelian.


Magan has provided you with a Gloomtrace Fragment to the Trial of Lingering Light. You must complete the Trial so you can reach Undercroft and learn more about what the Silver Codex was doing in Aurelian.



Clear A Bargain at the Crossroads.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Craft the Trial of Lingering Light Gloomtrace
  • Phase 2
    • Complete the Trial of Lingering Light in the Codex Halls
  • Phase 3
    • Return to Omen


Start Quest

What do you know of the Celestial Architects, Wayfinder? The common creed, I imagine: the Architects imposed order on the Primal Chaos and shaped the world as we know it from the void.

The Silver Codex is a penitent order within the Avar Church, tasked to record the wonders of the Architects' creation. We were peaceful scholars—until the First Scribe twisted our path.

The First... She was driven. Brilliant. She wasn't content to write odes to the Architects. She wanted to unlock their mysteries, to claim their power.

There is more to creation than the Avar Creed tells. There are ancient powers that have no love for Humanity... Precursors who were here before us, who despise the Architects' creation.

The monks in the Codex Halls were devoted solely to the Arcs. But within the Undercroft, they were exploring the forbidden secrets of the Precursors.

I was a loyal servant of the Arcs. I never faced the Trial, and never served in the Undercroft. I can't tell you what they were doing... or how they died. I fled when the attack began.

While I never faced the Trial of Lingering Light, I have the medallion of one who did. Here. I hope it will allow you to reach the Trial yourself.

Clear Phase 1

Magan's medallion has a gloomtrace—you can use it to reach the Trial. If what he says is true, we need to know what these monks were doing in the Undercroft.

Clear Phase 2

Excellent. Can you feel the connection you've forged? You should now be able to enter the Undercroft. Return to me and let us consider the next step.

Clear Quest

It was a long and winding path, but you persevered. I can feel the connection you've established. The Undercroft awaits.

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