The Would-Be Successors

The Would-Be Successors
Category Quests
Type Side Story
Repeatable True
Rewards 748Resonance
130Memory Fragment
10Small Wayfinder Resonance Cache
1000Reward Tower XP

The Would-Be Successors is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



Underlings have come out of hiding to fill in the power gap left by the dead members of Murderer's Row. Track them down and eliminate them before they become a bigger threat.


Old Kite has learned of new loyalists to the now-defunct Murderer's Row gang hiding somewhere in the Mines. Track them down before they can rally any other Shrikes to their side.


Another would-be Shrike leader has been eliminated, and with it, any plans for re-forming Murderer's Row. That's one less threat Skylight has to worry about.



Clear The Gloomtouched Betrayer.

Start quest[edit]

Talk to Old Kite during The Pit Expedition.


  1. The Noxious Betrayer
  2. The Lavish Betrayer
  3. The Mad Bomber Betrayer
  4. The Pyro Betrayer
  5. The Gloomtouched Betrayer
  6. The Would-Be Successors


  • Phase 1
    • Find the Shrikes' Upstart in a Mines Expedition
  • Phase 2
    • Kill the Shrikes' Upstart in a Mines Expedition
  • Phase 3


Start Quest
Old Kite

Wayfinder, we meet again. I'm afraid I need your aid once more.


What is it?

Old Kite

With Suiroko gone, the other Shrikes are attempting to put a new crew together. They used to be underlings... now they would be tyrants if they could.

It's trouble for the Highlands, but they aren't organized... yet. Before they get their balance back, that is the time to strike.

Clear Phase 1
Shrike Upstart

A Wayfinder! Don't just stand there, take them out!

Clear Phase 2
Shrike Upstart

You'll never... get all... of us!

Clear Quest
Old Kite

Wayfinder... were you successful?


I put the Upstart's down.

Old Kite

Good. I fear the victory will not last forever. As long as power exists, humans will crave it. But we can be vigilant.

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