Shadows Fall

Shadows Fall
Category Quests
Type Side Story
Repeatable False
Rewards 2888Resonance
295Memory Fragment
8Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
1000Reward Tower XP

Shadows Fall is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



Seeker Avala is trying to understand why some plants in the Highlands are taking on properties of the Gloom. Collect samples of any Gloom-Touched plants you find, and treat them with care.


Seeker Avala, a field researcher posted in the Highlands, is attempting to understand the reason some plant life in the region are taking on properties of the Gloom. The Beacon in Skylight should prevent the Gloom from manifesting in the area, yet the flora nearby has clearly been corrupted. Avala would like you to scour the area and collect samples of any Gloom-Touched plants you find.


You gathered the Gloom-Touched plants for Avala but were rerouted to the Crossroads Foundry to check on a rumor about falling stars. After finding and fighting off the Gloom-Touched creatures surrounding one of these stars, you were able to bring back some data for Avala. Though, it seems she has more plans for you.



Clear The Bloodworks.

Start quest[edit]

Talk to Seeker Avala in the Highlands.


  1. Shadows Fall
  2. A Dip in the Dark
  3. Wish Upon a Star


  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
    • Eavesdrop on the Salvagers Near the Stables
  • Phase 4
    • Ask Lookout Fuller About the Falling Stars
  • Phase 5
    • Find a "Fallen Star" in the Highlands
  • Phase 6
    • Complete the Sphere of Influence Event
  • Phase 7


Clear Phase 1
Seeker Avala

Wonderful! If you get tired of being on the front lines, you'd make an excellent gardener. While you're out there, could you ask Brother Magan about the falling stars? I'm certain they're important.


Sure. Falling stars. Of course.

Clear Phase 2

Well met, Wayfinder. Progress is slow, but we've restored power to the most crucial parts of the Crossroads. What brings you here?


Have you seen any... falling stars?


Falling stars... Not exactly. A shooting star, it's a streak of light in the sky. But last night I saw... It was a streak of darkness, blacker than the night sky. And I've seen them before.


Where? Did it strike nearby?


Perhaps, but I haven't left this place in a week. If anyone knows, it would be my salvagers. You'll find them around the stables.

Clear Phase 3
Seeker Avala

I don't think this bunch actually knows anything, but you should look for this lookout! And maybe Magan will lend me a few of these lunks for my experiments...

Clear Phase 4
Lookout Fuller

A Wayfinder? Did they send you to help me? Perhaps there's still time. Perhaps. Can you hear them? The shadows? The plants? Whispering?


Tell me about the falling star.

Lookout Fuller

Not a star, no. Dark, it was. Darker than the night. And where it struck the ground... that darkness spread, like oil spilling out over the ground. But it wasn't oil, no. Oil doesn't move like that.

And it wasn't the only one, no. This week, I've seen at least half a dozen of them. All sizes. A little one, struck right here. It's been whispering to me. Yes, it has.


Avala, what do you make of this?

Seeker Avala

The poor fellow's clearly delusional. Sleep deprivation, isolation, malnutrition. But some of what he says could be true. These 'stars' could be some new vector for the Gloom.

You have to investigate further. This could explain how the Gloom is manifesting in the Highlands in spite of the Beacon's light. It could be the source of the mutations.

See if you can find one of these fallen stars he mentioned.


What about your plants?

Seeker Avala

Oh, yes, the plants. Don't lose them! I will likely need them later. Until then… Onward to a likely lethal crash site!

Clear Phase 5
Seeker Avala

Oh, spendid! Poor Fuller is definitely delirious, but it seems he did see something important. See what you can do about this, Wayfinder.

Clear Phase 6
Seeker Avala

How the heart races! A source of the Gloom to study, finally. And you've found so many new data points for me to review! Return to me and we'll discuss next steps.

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