The Shrouded Woods

The Shrouded Woods
Category Quests
Type Main Story Quests
Rewards 3875Resonance
2Blue Gloomstone
385Memory Fragment
17Medium Weapon Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP
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The Lost Colony Shadows Over Deepwood

The Shrouded Woods is a main quest in Wayfinder.



Graymourn says she could help you and the Seekers against Aturach and the Reaver threat. Destroy Reavers and the totems that empower them. Collect the scraps and return them to the witch.


The witch Graymourn says that she could help you and the Seekers defeat the vicious creatures in the Shrouded Woods. Destroy Reavers and the totems that empower them. Collect the scraps and return them to Graymourn.



Clear The Lost Colony.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Destroy Reaver Totems in the Shrouded Woods (3)
    • Kill Reavers in the Shrouded Woods (15)
  • Phase 2
    • Return to Graymourn


Start Quest

The roots of the Frostmarch are older than your Empire or your Maze. There is a power in this place far greater than your Architects… a force that's been twisted by this Gloom.

When the shroud spread across the wood, the Reavers came with it—feral things, more beast than human. They catch innocents in their snares, dragging them back to their Bone Orchard.

I am older than bones, and the Reavers know better than to enter my presence. And so I have made this place a sanctuary for little Maelon and his kin.

But their King grows stronger with each dark day. I can feel him seething and scheming. I would know more of his plans… and you will help me.


Why should I?


Your Seekers are preoccupied searching for supplies and survivors, but make no mistake, the Reavers will come for your Beacon. And you will all suffer and die. I could help you survive, little Echo.


What do you want me to do?


The Reavers are littering the land with totems made from wood and blood and bone. Go. Slay the Reavers, shatter their totems, and bring me the bloody pieces. Quickly, now.

Start Quest

Be careful, my friend. I do not trust this Graymourn. The tools she's assembled, the energies in her chamber... she's not harnessing the Gloom, but she commands powers I don't fully understand.


Should I do as she asks?


For now, yes. She clearly knows a great deal about the threats we will face here, and we may well need her aid. However, we cannot trust her yet.

Clear Phase 1

Good, good! Now bring the bloody scraps to me. Let us see what I can do with them.

Clear Quest

Delightful, oh, yes. I can smell the essence, the lingering traces of soul and spirit. I will find a use for this, yes.


How will this help me defeat the Reaver King?


This was never about you, little Echo. I wanted to know more about these Reavers, and what Aturach had done to them. Soon, I will. I have what I wanted, and I've no further use for you.


You said you could help us survive.


Yes, I said I COULD help you survive. I never promised that I would. Run along now. I have work to do, and you should try to enjoy your final hours.


Why won't you help us?


Why should I? Aturach knows better than to threaten me, and burdening myself with your needs gains me nothing. I will do only this for you, Echo. I will remember you when you're gone.

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