Not-So-Sage Advice

Not-So-Sage Advice
Category Quests
Type Side Story Quests
Repeatable False
Rewards 374Resonance
65Memory Fragment
10Small Wayfinder Resonance Cache
1000Reward Tower XP

Not-So-Sage Advice is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



You have found an unusual, luminescent crystal. You should see if someone in Skylight might have any use for this or know what it might be used for.


You have found an unusual crystal unlike any you've seen before. You should see if someone in Skylight might know any information about this luminescent material.


You found Venge, Skylight's resident scavenger and goblin expert, who said the crystal you found was some kind of Geartooth trinket. He mentioned the Geartooth goblins will continue to attack humans unless fought off.




Start quest[edit]



  1. Not-So-Sage Advice
  2. Project Re-Venge!
  3. Project Re-Venge Re-Visited With A Re-Vengeance


  • Phase 1
    • Ask Around in Skylight About the Unusual Crystal
  • Phase 2
    • Ask Someone Else in Skylight About the Unusual Crystal
  • Phase 3
    • Find Someone, Anyone, Who Knows About the Unusual Crystal
  • Phase 4
    • Bring the Unusual Crystal to Venge in Skylight


Start Quest

What's this unusual crystal? I wonder if anyone in Skylight knows about it.

Clear Quest

Why're you waving that ugly thing in front of my face? It's hideous! Geartooth Garbage! You plug that thing into an arcanic mattermitter and it won't even explode!


Is that its function? Energy?


If you're a bore. What kind of self-respecting goblin makes this TRASH when they can turn it into an antipersonnel fragmenter and sell it for three times as much?

Those Geartooth give goblinkind a bad name! They should be shoved off a cliff. The kind with craggy rocks at the bottom. Heh.


For bad craftsmanship? Seems harsh.


You didn't grow up in my clan. The Geartooth? Green Trash! Every sane Mazen knows it! Besides, goblin clans, we pioneered the disposable life. You murder us, we murder you. It's the circle of death.

Speaking of, we should teach those Geartooth to stay clear of our territory. They've got a fondness for killing humans. Something about being squishy, or ugly, probably. Shout when ready!

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