Finding the Lost Caravan

Finding the Lost Caravan
Category Quests
Type Side Story
Repeatable False
Rewards 1994Resonance
220Memory Fragment
5Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
1000Reward Tower XP

Finding the Lost Caravan is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



Magan has asked you to investigate the last known location of the caravan going to the Aurelian Ruins and see why it has not returned yet.


The Crossroads Foundry, and Skylight, depend on regular caravans from the Aurelian ruins. Magan wants you to look for a missing caravan and find out why they've failed to arrive on schedule.


The lost caravan has been found, but it appears to have been ambushed by Geartooth Goblins. Magan was dispirited with the outcome, but curiously, he seemed concerned about a note you found regarding a blade the soldiers had acquired.



Clear The Trial of Lingering Light.

Start quest[edit]

Talk to Magan in the Highlands.


  1. Finding the Lost Caravan
  2. Looting the Looters
  3. Live by the Sword


  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
    • Locate the Second Half of the Caravan
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4


Start Quest

You return? Then we shall make use of your strength. The Crossroads is an important hub for Skylight. The people here, they work tirelessly to aid our rebuilding efforts.

Daily supply caravans are sent to the Gloom Walls near Aurelian. You Wayfinders wrench many curiosities from the depths of the Gloom and those prizes aid our reconstruction efforts supremely.

Without those caravans, however, our efforts are likely to wither and fade. And, you see, there are several missing.

The men are more than capable, assuredly, yet for them to have not checked in for this long... something must have happened on the way back.

Please. Head toward the Breach and see if you can find them. I hope for their survival, but if the worst has happened, we will need the supplies regardless.

Clear Phase 1

Goblins again. I thought Davyn was in control of the Geartooth problem, but clearly they've spread since his last report. Keep searching. Hopefully someone survived.

Clear Phase 2

Arcs... they're... there's nothing we can do for them any longer. Grim as it might be, I need you to sift through the wreckage. Let us hope some supplies yet remain.

Clear Phase 3

A scorched note. Written by one of the men...? It mentions they found a strange blade with the Imperial Inquisitor's emblem on the hilt. I should show Magan.

Clear Quest

No supplies. And what's worse... those soldiers had families. I shall have to write them. I had hoped today would be a good day...


I found this note in the wreckage. Take a look.


Scorch marks... It likely means one of the Geartooth's shuuls was part of the attack. They must have wanted the caravan desperately.

Hmm... the note details an aquamarine blade with a hilt of dark stone? It couldn't be... Wayfinder, did you find the weapon?


No, I did not.


I see. That is... likely for the best. Besides, with our caravans sacked, we have larger concerns ahead of us. It is time we focused on what comes next.

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