Lighting the Flame

Lighting the Flame
Category Quests
Type Main Story
Rewards 3715Resonance
2Blue Gloomstone
370Memory Fragment
16Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
Grim Harvest
Signal Fire
2000Reward Tower XP
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Unraveled Remains The Lost Colony

Lighting the Flame is a main quest in Wayfinder.



Omen and Lord Halar have found a Balefire within the Gloom. You must cut a path through the maelstrom and bind the newly discovered Balefire to the Beacon of Skylight.


Omen and Lord Halar believe that once, a web of Beacons and Signal Fires were connected by mystic Balefires. These connections were destroyed in the Gloomfall, but by studying the research of the First, they've located a nearby Balefire within the Gloom. You must use the Gloom Gate to cut a path through the Gloom and bind this newly discovered Balefire to the Beacon of Skylight.


You cut a path through the Gloom and connected the Beacon of Skylight to the Frostmarch Balefire, gaining access to a region of the world thought lost. The Balefire is tied to the colony of Deepwood Holt. The Seekers have evacuated surviving colonists and set up an outpost in Deepwood Holt.



Clear Unraveled Remains.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
    • Find the Balefire
  • Phase 3
    • Approach the Balefire and Defeat its Guardian
  • Phase 4
    • Light the Balefire
  • Phase 5
    • Travel to Deepwood Holt via the Gloom


Clear Phase 1

It is here... I can feel it. The hope of our world is lost somewhere in these shadows.

Clear Phase 2

That must be it! The arcanic signature... it's glorious. Be careful—you must banish any Gloom forces before you can light the fire.

Clear Phase 3

You've done it! I can feel the light beyond the Balefire. It is time to see where it leads.

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