Lighting the Flame

Lighting the Flame
Category Quests
Type Main Story Quests
Rewards 3715Resonance
2Blue Gloomstone
370Memory Fragment
16Medium Weapon Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP
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Bad Omens The Lost Colony

Lighting the Flame is a main quest in Wayfinder.



Omen and Lord Halar have found a Balefire within the Gloom. You must cut a path through the maelstrom and bind the newly discovered Balefire to the Beacon of Skylight.


Omen and Lord Halar believe that once, a web of Beacons and Signal Fires were connected by mystic Balefires. These connections were destroyed in the Gloomfall, but by studying the research of the First, they've located a nearby Balefire within the Gloom. You must use the Gloom Gate to cut a path through the Gloom and bind this newly discovered Balefire to the Beacon of Skylight.



Clear Bad Omens.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Enter the Gloom Gate
  • Phase 2
    • Find the Balefire
  • Phase 3
    • Approach the Balefire and Defeat its Guardians
  • Phase 4
    • Light the Balefire
  • Phase 5
    • Travel to Deepwood Holt via the Gloom


Start Quest

Lord Halar and I are studying the First's research. She uses three different systems of encryption and combined with the arcane principles involved—it's challenging. But we've had a breakthrough.


What is it?

Lord Halar

The Beacon of Skylight is one of many! The Castolyn Torch in my homeland, the Pyrolith in the Maze—each one a well holding the pure celestial power of the Architects.

We've always known of the relationship between Beacons and Signal Fires. The ley lines that run between them carry the light of the Architects and stabilize our world.

I remember in the Haskala Forum, Lord Valiost—the fool!—claimed that this web of light was meant to be a cage. A CAGE! Well, I set the record straight—


Lord Halar, please.

Lord Halar

Apologies. My mind does wander. The First Scribe studied these webs of arcane power and found something we'd all overlooked. Something she calls a Balefire.


What's that?


We thought they were just another form of Signal Fire. However, the First's research shows that Balefires are conduits within the Gloom, connecting the arcane webs of different Beacons. Which means—

Lord Halar

An end to isolation! The cities that we've lost could be found! Friends that were separated could be reunited. Our Beacon strengthened beyond measure.


Thanks to the First, we have located a Balefire within the Gloom. The traces are faint, but you should be able to follow its thread through the Gloom Gate.


Where will it lead?


The path winds through Chaos and Shadow, and we cannot be sure of where it leads. But we believe that lighting this Balefire will link our Beacon to the region once known as the Frostmarch.

Lord Halar

Yes, yes. It's a dangerous task full of unknowns, but if we are correct—this is the first step to undoing the Fall and reconnecting our broken world! Will you do this, Wayfinder?

Clear Phase 1

It is here... I can feel it. The hope of our world is lost somewhere in these shadows.

Clear Phase 2

That must be it! The arcanic signature... it's glorious. Be careful—you must banish any Gloom forces before you can light the fire.

Clear Phase 3

You've done it! I can feel the light beyond the Balefire. It is time to see where it leads.

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