Category Quests
Type Main Story
Rewards 3390Resonance
16Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
Harvest Moon
Skylight Warden Pauldrons
2000Reward Tower XP
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The Fall of the Silver Codex Finding the First

Duality is a main quest in Wayfinder.



While Lord Halar studies the Conflux Arc, Omen wants you to travel to the Repository of Knowledge and learn what you can.


Lord Halar is studying the Conflux Arc, a device which he believes may have triggered Aurelian's collapse. It may take him some time to unravel its secrets. Travel to the Repository of Knowledge and learn what you can about the Precursors and their connection to the Silver Codex in the meantime.


You fought your way through the Repository of Knowledge, and the knowledge gained there has led Omen to believe the First survived and lingers in the Repository. Your Gloom Dagger has been enhanced by Omen and Lord Halar; perhaps you can use it to reach the First.



Clear The Fall of the Silver Codex.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.




Clear Phase 1

So this is the Repository of Knowledge. Perhaps it's just because of all the time I've spent watching you in Aurelian... but it feels so familiar.

Be careful, my friend. This is where the Codex and the First worked directly with the Gloom. There's no telling what dangers may lie ahead.

Clear Phase 2

I know these halls. Floors scratched by fallen tools, the tang of arcanic energies in the air. Worried whispers, initiates racing to the next experiment, secrets waiting to be found...


Omen? Are you all right?


Yes. Yes. Sorry, my friend. I don't know what came over me. I've never been here, and yet I feel as though I know it. Don't let me distract you—focus on the mission.

Clear Phase 4

Could you sense it? Could you feel her presence?


Sense who?


The First. The mind behind the Silver Codex. Somehow... I'm certain she survived the collapse. She's there, somewhere, in the Gloom. I could feel her through our link.


Feel her? How?


I don't... perhaps I'm just imagining things. I don't sleep much, anymore. I'm sorry, Wayfinder, I just need some time. Go to Lord Halar. I believe he has news.

Clear Phase 5
Lord Halar

There you are! This is a wondrous thing. An elemental conflux, indeed! This First, she flooded the region with a vast surge of Chaos and Shadow energies. It triggered, well, a Gloom collapse!

I can't recreate the device, and just as well; we wouldn't want one of these loose in the world! But I am working with the principles of it, the pieces of it... and I've had a breakthrough!

Use the Echo Matrix. Combine the Conflux Arc with your Gloom Dagger. If I'm correct, it will let you use two imbuements with the dagger, to twist the Gloom in greater ways!

It's not yet what we need—not yet a tool that can undo the damage and rebuild the world—but as we learn to manipulate the Gloom, we move ever closer to that goal.

Clear Phase 6

Apologies, my friend. I've recovered from—whatever that was to me. Bring your dagger to me and I'll finish what Lord Halar has started.

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