Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown
Category Quests
Type Main Story Quests
Rewards 50Resonance
Grey Gloomstone
5Small Wayfinder Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP
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City on a Hill The Gloom Dagger

Into the Unknown is a main quest in Wayfinder.



Lost Zones are shadows of places consumed by the Gloom. Use the Gloom Gate in Skylight to enter a Lost Zone and recover a Codex Ember.


The Gloom is consuming our world. However, Omen has explained that as a Wayfinder, you may be able to enter Lost Zones: shadows of places consumed by the Gloom. Use the Gloom Gate in Skylight to enter a Lost Zone and recover a Codex Ember. Omen will guide you along the way.



Clear City on a Hill.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Enter the Ruins through the Gloom Gate
  • Phase 2
    • Find the Codex Ember
  • Phase 3
    • Take the Codex Ember
  • Phase 4
    • Continue Exploring the Codex Halls
  • Phase 5
    • Approach the Gloom Anchor
  • Phase 6
    • Defeat the Ambush
  • Phase 7
    • Destroy the Gloom Anchor
  • Phase 8
    • Bring the Codex Ember to Lord Halar in Skylight


Start Quest

You've spoken with Wolf and Lord Halar? I'm sure you have many questions, but the best way for you to understand the Gloom is to experience it for yourself.

The Gloom is consuming our world. Our Beacon holds it at bay, but much was lost before it was lit. Beyond Skylight, you will find Breaches where the Gloom has ripped away pieces of our world.

Using the focusing shard, you can pass through Breaches to reach a shadow of what was lost—what we call Lost Zones. These are unstable and unpredictable, reflecting what was or what might have been.

We're running out of time. The Gloom is breaking down our defenses, and we don't know how to stop it. We need you to explore the Lost Zones, to find a way to fight the Gloom and reclaim our world.

We do know the large gate behind me is the key. In theory, you can reach any Lost Zone through this Gate. In practice, there are limitations.

Usually you must find and enter a Breach directly to access a Lost Zone for the first time. After that, you can access it—and any other Breach you've found—through this Gate.

But you can't just stumble into a breach. You need a connection to the Lost Zone to guide you through it. This might mean finding an object from the Zone, or experiencing an event tied to it.

For now, I have a single connection I can share with you: the Codex Halls of Aurelian. There. Go to the Gate. Follow the connection I have given you and return to the Gloom.

The shard you've been using is an incomplete tool. Find a Codex Ember in the Gloom. Then we can transform your focusing shard into a full Gloom Dagger, allowing you to harness your full potential.

Clear Phase 1

This is a Lost Zone. It's not a perfect replica of the world that was; it's a dream inspired by what was lost. When you return here again, everything—the layout, the creatures within it—may change.

This Lost Zone is tied to Aurelian, a fortress monastery of the Avar Order of the Silver Codex. The Codex Monks were conducting arcane research, and we need to know more about them.

Aurelian was razed by raiders from the Maze years before the Gloomfall. You'll need to establish your own connection to it.


I feel—weaker than I was before?


Yes… It was a miracle that we could pull you back to Skylight, but like your memories, some of your skills were lost. Don't worry; it will all come back to you in time.

This connection I've provided is temporary and unpredictable. Look for a Codex Ember. With it, you can turn your shard into a full Gloom Dagger and establish your own connections.

I can't guide you when you go deeper. To escape, you need to find the heart of this Lost Zone—the Anchor—and destroy it. This weakens the Gloom and lets us harvest its energy through your shard.

Explore as thoroughly as you can. We need the supplies and knowledge you may find, and exploration may grant you connection to other Lost Zones. Now go, and good luck.

Clear Phase 2

This is the Codex Ember Omen mentioned—what I need to enhance the shard.

Clear Phase 4

That's the Anchor. I can destroy it with my focusing shard—but last time I did this, it summoned defenders.

Clear Phase 6

Now! The Anchor's exposed. I can destroy it!

Clear Phase 7
Shadowy Figure

What is this? Something new. Something interesting.


Who's there?

Shadowy Figure

I hear an echo in the darkness. You have promise, yes. But you don't have what I need. Not yet.

Go ahead, run along home. I'll be watching you... Wayfinder.

Clear Quest
Lord Halar

Welcome back, Wayfinder. I was sure you'd find your way. And with an ember! Good, good. Let's get to work.

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