Into the Pit

Into the Pit
Category Quests
Type Main Story Quests
Rewards 820Resonance
160Memory Fragment
11Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP
Bloodspawn Gloomtrace Fragment
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The Fallen Shrike Source of the Slime

Into the Pit is a main quest in Wayfinder.



You need to do a favor for Kestrel before she'll help you. Find her old pack and use the connection to enter the Pit, and learn what the Shrikes are up to.


Kestrel, a smuggler helping Skylight, wants you to do her a favor. In exchange, she'll help you with the Trial of Lingering Light. Find her old pack which she lost some time ago in Shrike territory. You can then use her connection to enter the Pit.



Clear The Fallen Shrike.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Find Kestrel's Pack along the Train Tracks
  • Phase 2
    • Take the Pit Connection
  • Phase 3
    • Find the Pit Breach
  • Phase 4
    • Enter the Pit
  • Phase 5
    • Complete the Pit Expedition
  • Phase 6
    • Travel to Kestrel's Hideout
  • Phase 7
    • Return to Kestrel


Start Quest

People call me a smuggler. The fact is that I get Skylight the things that it needs. If I want something in return, well, that's the game. And what Skylight needs most is Godsblood.


What's Godsblood?


You did get rattled in the Gloom, didn't you? Godsblood is arcanic fuel. It's what keeps the lights on in your pretty little city. Skylight needs it to survive, but the mines were lost in the Fall.

His Lordship probably told you that only a Wayfinder can enter a breach. Well, only you can do it safely. For the rest of us, it's a roll of the dice, and these new Shrikes don't care about the odds.

So, the Shrikes have been squatting in the Pit—one of the mines, just as pleasant as it sounds. I've had an arrangement that's let me get Godsblood for Skylight. I get paid, everyone's happy.

Until now. My former friends have gone silent. Something's happened and I don't trust anyone I don't know. So, I need you to go into the Pit and find out what's going on. Then, you'll get your Trial.


Why don't you do it yourself?


Roll of the dice, remember? But it's safe for you. I get you a connection to the Pit, you find out what's going on in there, I tell you how to do the Trial of Lingering Light. Yeah?


I suppose so.


There is one slight problem. My connection to the Pit is a steel spike—it's a long story. That spike is in my pack. Which I had to leave behind in Shrike territory due to a little... misunderstanding.

Try searching around the broken rail tracks. Find my pack, use the connection to enter the Pit, find what I need, and the first round's on me when you get back. Easy, yeah? Go on, then.

Clear Phase 2

Well there you are, love. You've got the connection. Now go to the Pit and see what you can find.

Clear Phase 4

No, no, no—this is all wrong. You saw what it was like outside. There should be scores of Shrikes here, barreling the blood. And why's it so... slimy?

Clear Phase 5

It's still a puzzle, this. Why would the Shrikes abandon this place? Come back to my haven so we can talk next steps.

Clear Quest

I don't like this. The Shrikes have a new leader, a dangerous one who's been driving them to do foolish things. But abandoning a lucrative mine when Skylight needs Blood? That's beyond foolish.

Something is very wrong here. And we need to know what it is.

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