The Noxious Betrayer

The Noxious Betrayer
Category Quests
Type Side Story
Repeatable False
Rewards 1804Resonance
205Memory Fragment
5Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
1000Reward Tower XP

The Noxious Betrayer is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



Old Kite, a wounded Shrike, wants his former crew to pay for their betrayal and has enlisted your help. The first name on his list is the poison expert. The Chemist should be somewhere in the Pit.


A wounded Shrike has enlisted your help to bring his former crew to justice. This first Shrike on his list is the Chemist. Using the Flora Imbuement on your next Expedition into the Pit will bring him out of hiding.


Old Kite, a Shrike who was betrayed by his former crew, enlisted your help in getting revenge. You managed to eliminate the Chemist, the first member of the crew. You're not sure if justice has been done here, but at least, that's one less dangerous Shrike that won't be able to hurt anyone else.




Start quest[edit]

Talk to Old Kite during The Pit Expedition.


  1. The Noxious Betrayer
  2. The Lavish Betrayer
  3. The Mad Bomber Betrayer
  4. The Pyro Betrayer
  5. The Gloomtouched Betrayer
  6. The Would-Be Successors



Start Quest
Old Kite

A Wayfinder...? Wait, please... Not sure I can move well enough anymore to chase after you.


Who are you?

Old Kite

They call me Old Kite. I'm a member of the Shrike Syndicate. Or, I guess I was one.


What happened to you?

Old Kite

My crew and I came down here to get salvage for Kestrel. Been runnin' jobs for her for a while. Pays us for... iron, tools, ore. Anyway, it started as an easy run...

Suiroko and the rest, I guess the pay wasn't enough for them. They struck a deal with the Raven. And cut me out. I knew they were cold, but not so much as to turn on me. Something about 'em changed.

I told 'em the Shrikes were 'sposed to be more than common looters. They said I was going soft. They hit first, I hit back, next thing I know Vrek the Chemist has jammed a dart in my thigh.

He said I'd be dead in a day and could crawl back to die in Kestrel's bed if I liked her so much. I don't think I'm going to make it that far.


Do you want healing of some kind?

Old Kite

Doubt it'd do much good. Look, I'm sure you're happy to have one less Shrike in the world, but I can help you. I want them dead. So would you, if you knew them.

The one that jabbed me, Vrek, he's sick. One time he poisoned the water supply of a village. Made a hundred people puke up their guts, just to test the dosage and know he could do it for real.

I was able to keep him in check, but with this new crew... he's going to be untethered. It's only a matter of time before he goes after innocent people in the Highlands.


You said there were others?

Old Kite

Yeah... the Shrikes call them the Murderer's Row now. They go by street names, but I know them just fine. If you're going to kill any of them, start with Vrek, the Chemist.


Where can I find this Chemist?

Old Kite

He should still be here in the mine. That bastard loves anything toxic. Hope it brings him an early death.


In a manner of speaking... it will.

Clear Phase 1
The Chemist

I hope you enjoyed the journey down here. You came a long way to die.

Clear Phase 2

Hmm... he's got labeled poison vials... and antidote vials, too! Maybe I can save Old Kite!

Clear Quest
Old Kite

Wayfinder... did you find that bastard?


Let's say I removed a toxic person from your life.

Old Kite

Shame I wasn't there to see his face. I don't think I'll last to see the others, either.


Don't give up yet. The Chemist had antidotes.

Old Kite

Yes! This looks like... urgh... antivenin and eldren root. Give me a minute.

That's... better. I don't know if I'll live, but at least I can think clearly again.

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