The Hidden Heart

The Hidden Heart
Category Quests
Type Main Story Quests
Rewards 4345Resonance
Blue Gloomstone
430Memory Fragment
19Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP
Grand Deceiver Gloomtrace Fragment
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The Devil You Know Lies Within Lies

The Hidden Heart is a main quest in Wayfinder.



Enter the mines of Bal Duum and seek the key to Marrow's hidden heart by battling Deceivers.


In order to kill the Reaver King, you must find the essence of his warbear Marrow in the cursed mines of Bal Duum. The key is hidden among a hoard of Deceivers; fight these creatures to find it.



Clear The Devil You Know.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Enter Bal Duum
  • Phase 2
    • Complete the Expedition
  • Phase 3
    • Return to Deepwood Holt
  • Phase 4
    • Enter Bal Duum with Greed and Chaos Imbuements
  • Phase 5
    • Find the Deceivers Using Greed and Chaos Imbuements in Bal Duum
  • Phase 6
    • Complete the Mass Deception event
  • Phase 7
    • Return to Graymourn


Start Quest

Aturach was a great man before he was corrupted by the Gloom. He respected the old ways and understood the secrets your kind have lost. He bound his lifeforce to that of his Warbear, Marrow.

Now the King can only be killed if Marrow is slain in the same moment. But Aturach is wiser still. He drew out Marrow's essence—the bear's heart—and hid it in the forgotten depths of Bal Duum.

The Storm Twins accompanied Aturach into the depths of Bal Duum, and you now have their connection to this cursed place. You must find Marrow's essence. Then, you will be able to kill bear and king.


That seems simple enough.


Then you are a fool! Aturach has locked the heart inside a grand chest and threw the key within a den of Deceivers. Now chest and key are both lost in the depths of Bal Duum.

Go now. Face the hoard of hungry Deceivers, and tear them asunder until you find the King's key. Once you have it, I will find us a path to Marrow's heart.

Clear Phase 1

This is a cursed place, little Echo, long abandoned by humanity. You will find only danger and death waiting for you here.

Clear Phase 2

That can't be right. Unless... ah, I see. Clever! Most clever. Your efforts were not in vain. I know what must be done.

Clear Phase 3

Aturach was clever and cautious, more than even I knew. He has wrapped Marrow's heart in a shroud of Greed and Chaos, beyond the reach of any mortal thief.

But you are no mere mortal. Infuse your Dagger with the elements of Chaos and Greed, and return to Bal Duum.

Clear Phase 4

Yes! I can feel Aturach's foul touch. The key is here, Echo. Search for a hoard of Deceivers; defeat them and the key will be yours.

Clear Phase 5

Do not be tempted or fooled, Echo. The key is here, but you must not give in to deception. If it moves, do not open it.

Clear Phase 6

Yes, there is the treasure we seek! Bring it to me, and quickly.

Clear Quest

You have overcome Chaos and Greed, and unraveled Aturach's deception. It takes much to impress me, Echo. More than this. Though, it is a beginning.

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