Bad Omens

Bad Omens
Category Quests
Type Main Story Quests
Rewards 3715Resonance
3Blue Gloomstone
370Memory Fragment
3Large Wayfinder Resonance Cache
3Large Weapon Resonance Cache
5000Reward Tower XP
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Finding the First Lighting the Flame

Bad Omens is a main quest in Wayfinder.



The Precursors want to destroy creation itself. You cannot let that happen. Face the First in the Repository of Knowledge and wrest what secrets you can from her lair. The fate of Skylight rests on your shoulders.


The First Scribe of the Silver Codex appears to have been working with the Precursors, ancient foes of the Architects that want to unravel creation. For Skylight to have any hope of standing against this threat, Omen believes we need the secrets the First kept within her sanctum in the Repository of Knowledge. Face the First in her lair. The fate of Skylight rests on your shoulders.



Clear Finding the First.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Craft the First Gloomtrace
  • Phase 2
    • Enter the First Hunt in the Repository of Knowledge
  • Phase 3
    • Defeat the First
  • Phase 4
    • Return to Omen in Skylight


Start Quest

Before you go... there's a secret I've been carrying, a burden that I've kept even from Lord Halar. With what you're about to do, you deserve to know the stakes of this battle.

This isn't just about protecting Skylight. The Precursors want to slaughter our gods and unravel creation, to collapse everything into the Gloom.

We're at war, but we don't understand our enemy. We don't know how to fight them. We need the secrets hoarded by the First to save Skylight, to save our people, and perhaps reality itself.

I wish I could fight by your side. But I... I'm bound to the Beacon. I cannot leave Skylight, ever. But I will be with you in spirit. We all will.


I know.


Good luck, dear friend.

Clear Phase 2
The First

I sense your presence, trespasser. You are the spark I felt before.

An echo's echo, carrying a Beacon's light and the key to my cage.

I know what you are. A ghost wrapped in shadows stealing the strength of your victims. I am no echo, no remnant. I may be trapped, but I am still the First.

You've come to fight me. But why? All I want is a better world.

For decades I studied the work of the Architects. I've charted the Beacons and the Balefires, the blood of the Architects binding the Primal Chaos.

I saw the foundation of reality. And the longer I looked, the more I saw its flaws. I knew I could do better.

Look at our cruel past. The endless wars between Empire and Maze. The ruthless Archons. Even the Architects themselves. Did you know that the Precursors built our world?

The Architects needed laborers to do the actual work. But the Precursors wanted to build something better and beautiful.

The Eldren, the Maze—they're glimpses of the world that could have been. But your tyrant Arcs tore it down and cast them out. What wonders might have been…

Their secrets were in my grasp. Then the Archons forced my hand, and I was trapped in this darkness. But I am still the First, and I cannot be bound.

When I was ready, I cast an echo into the world, a shadow of my spirit that would craft a key to my cage. My Omen.

Her memories slipped away from her, just as yours have. But even unknowing, she achieved her purpose. She sent you to me, with the key.

All I've ever needed. A blade to cut through the Gloom. A dagger that can free me from this prison. I just need to take it from you.

You've found your way, Wayfinder. You've reached the end of your road. Let us finish this.

Why prolong the inevitable? You cannot imagine the powers that I wield, the secrets that I hold.

The Architects are petty. Selfish. They tore down that beautiful world and cast the Precursors into the darkness. We'll never know what our world could have been.

The Precursors will kill the Architects. They will destroy this creation. But when the Gloom has consumed it all, they will start anew. And I will be there, infinite.

Enough! This ends now!

Clear Phase 3
The First

Do you think this death will last? The Precursors. They... They will come for me. When... When the Gloom swallows the world, they will come.


No. You're nothing to them. You never were.


Are you there? Can you hear me?




Thank the Arcs! I could see, but you couldn't hear me. Oh, you did it. You survived!


Did you hear what the First said?


I... I know you have questions. Please. Return to Skylight. Let us talk face to face.

Clear Quest

Where should I begin?


Who are you?


I'm your friend. I found you in the Westreach, you and the others. Try to remember all that we did together, the path that led us to Skylight.


Did you know who she was? What you are?


No. Years ago I awoke in the Highlands, knowing nothing of my past. As you explored Aurelian... I began to remember. And when you saw her, I knew.

I am an echo, like you. Cast in the image of a monster. She sent me out into the world to find a key to her prison. When I made the Gloom Daggers—when I saved you—was that her voice inside me?

I may never know. I'm not the First. You, I—we may be echoes, but we can choose our own paths. We can be better than the ones who made us.


I hope you're right.


I know that I am. Together we will bring our world out of this darkness. And now, we know how.

The data you've recovered is priceless. It's complex and encrypted, but I know how the First thinks—I will crack this code. Her knowledge of the Precursors, of the Gloom—it's all within our grasp.

The First spoke of a network of Beacons and Balefires, "the blood of the Architects." The Precursors broke these connections, and this is what unleashed the Gloom.

If I can identify the location of another Beacon, you should be able to cut a path through the Gloom to reach it. We can reconnect the network. We can save our Architect and restore our world.


You seem quite sure of that.


Because of you. You've done the impossible. You fought your way back from the Gloom and now you've given us new hope. All of Skylight is in your debt.

Rest now, my friend. Regain your strength. Because once I've located the next Beacon, our real work begins!

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